Lavender Sunset in Provence

Having experienced the jaw dropping moment of a sunrise in the lavender fields of Provence, we were always going to be curious about sunset.

So the very next day, after hours spent with our noses in books beside the pool we packed a hamper and made for the hills.

Spreading out our picnic blanket and making a home for ourselves in a small clearing, right in the middle of our favourite lavender field.

Picnic in French lavender fields

Sunset Lavender in Provence

Sunset picnic in Provence

I may not have rustled up my finest picnic, but the view was second to none!

Sunset Lavender in Provence-4

Sunset picnic in Provence

White sundress

Constellation necklace // Sunglasses

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Rosé in Provence

Naturally I popped open a bottle of local pink, and poured us both a big glass of that sunset!

Sunset tipple

Sunset Lavender in Provence-9

Sparkler ring // Stacked bangles

Completely overwhelmed by the moment and giggling away between ourselves.

Sunset Lavender in Provence-10

Sunset Lavender in Provence-11

We each took up a cushion and tucked into our blanket feast.

Sunset Lavender in Provence-12

Smelly cheese, crusty bread, sweet peaches, sausages, anchovy paté and left over chicken (from this recipe made the night before, always a winner).

Sunset Lavender in Provence-13

We watched as the sun slipped slowly into the lavender and greeted the moon as it rose to take her place.

Lavender fields at sunset

Sunset Lavender in Provence-15

Sunset Lavender in Provence-16

Sunset Lavender in Provence-17

The sky changed from blue to pink to purple to orange, all in the blink of an eye.

We watched on, spellbound.

Sunset Lavender in Provence-18

Running and dancing through the alleys of lavender.

Sunset Lavender in Provence-19

Lavender moon

Sunset Lavender in Provence-21

Finally snuggling down on the rug to see off the last of the rosé in the last of the light.

Sunset Lavender in Provence-22

If you make it to Provence before the lavender harvest next summer, please promise me you’ll take a picnic to the fields for sunset?

This is my favourite spot, feel free to make it your own!

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