Who takes your pictures?

I take all of the photos on the blog, unless I’m in them.

In those cases it’s my mum, a friend, boyfriend, or passing stranger! I don’t have a photographer following me around.

What camera do you use?

Up until the end of May 2015 I always used compact little cameras, mostly the RX100 ii (UK click here, US click here). It’s a little pocket rocket that I recommend to anyone wanting to get into photography or blogging.

In June I took the plunge and invested in a Canon 5D. I love it deeply! Though I do swap and change cameras now and then, depending where I’m going. My favourite lens is this one – UK/US as it gives you everything you need to shoot fashion, portraits or landscapes.

For underwater shots I usually use this underwater camera, but when I have time to prep and someone strong around to help I use an underwater casing for the Canon.

Do you make money from your blog?

I consider myself very fortunate, as what started as a hobby has now become my main “job” (although I don’t think I’ll ever see it as one!).

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.― Confucius

I fund the blog through the partnerships with brands, consulting work and a couple of affiliate companies; places like “Skimlinks” and “Reward Style” which pay you a very small percentage every time someone buys something, via a link they found on your website. This way readers don’t pay anything for content, the shops just share a little of their profit.

If I feature a sponsored post, I will say so in the post.

While I do make money from some of my blog posts, I would never, ever write something I didn’t truly believe. Trust me, I’ve turned down a lot of money to do just that!

What breed of dog is Custard?

He’s a “Morkie” or a Maltese cross Yorkie. You can follow him on Instagram @Mr_Custard.

How do you say so slim when you eat all this food?

This didn’t always come easy to me. I was much heavier when I first left university. Now I live by The Anti-Diet.

I want to start a blog, do you have any advice?

Yes, lots! I wrote a post about how to start a blog right here.

Why don’t you feature your boyfriend?

He’s a very private person who doesn’t like to be photographed or share things on social media. Yep, there are still people like that in the world! I just so happen to live with one.

He’s no big secret, he just likes to stay away from the lens, so I respect his wishes.

I want to get in touch!

If you have something personal to ask me please feel free to do so in the comments (you can be anon if you like) or via any of my social media channels.

Sadly I can’t respond to emails of a personal nature or I’d be at it all day long!

If you’re a brand or business and would like to work together you can get in touch here. I don’t accept gifts.