The Lavender Festival, Provence

On our first day in Provence we woke up early and sniffed out a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise.

And when I say sniff, I mean it!

I have never smelled a sunrise quite like this one…

Lavender in Provence-2

The dew left over from a cold night warming gently in the golden light, mingling with the lavender and filling the air with its rich, heavy perfume.

Lavender in Provence-1

So much more magical than during the heat of the day, the moisture all around feels as though you’re swimming through the sunrise.

Lavender in Provence-3

I couldn’t resist a spin with my new toy before we left… (Press play below)

Bee’s eye view of the most beautiful sunrise I ever smelled 🐝🇫🇷

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Later we made our way to Valensole for their annual Lavender Festival, a celebration to mark the start of the harvest.

Lavender in Provence-4

A pretty hillside town with a patchwork of terracotta roofs.

Crafters, artists and artisans lined the streets, selling their lavender scented, flavoured and coloured wares.

Lavender in Provence-5

Musicians played and the sun baked streets were filled with the sound of chatter, laughter and haggling.

Lavender in Provence-6

Lavender in Provence-7

We strolled through the market, ducking into tents and dipping hands into fountains as we passed.

Somewhat envious of this guy’s ride…

Lavender in Provence-8

The local area thrives on lavender and its byproducts.

The best of which being honey!

The hills are filled with the contented buzzing of a billion bees, all working away turning the fragrant lavender into delicately scented honey.

Which in turn is slathered onto buttered bread, poured over yogurt, into tea and turned into cakes.

Lavender in Provence-9

Lavender in Provence-10

Away from the hustle and bustle we found a little lavender stall all on its own.

Lavender in Provence-11

Where we met the nicest man in all of Provence, who piled us high with pickings from the fields around Valensole.

Lavender in Provence-12

Lavender in Provence-13

Lavender in Provence-14

Lavender in Provence-15

If you find yourself in Valensole, you must go and see him.

This is the exact spot and I just know you’ll love him and his shop as much as I did.

He doesn’t speak a word of English, but it gives you a chance to gesture wildly, smile a lot and mutter in whatever French you can manage. Lavender is one euro a bunch and you should buy lots, as it keeps the wasps away.

Lavender in Provence-16

Armed with our smelly prizes of lavender and garlic we set off to explore the town.

Lavender in Provence-17

Lavender in Provence-18

Sunglasses (50% off)

Gingham dress (with pockets! On sale and comes in 3 colours)

Straw hat // Sandals

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Lavender in Provence-19

Lavender in Provence-20

Lavender in Provence-21

Lavender in Provence-22

Lavender in Provence-23

Lavender in Provence-24

The festival is every 3rd Sunday in July, I wouldn’t say it’s worth planning a trip around but certainly worth an early morning visit if you’re in the area.

With or without the festival, just outside of Valensole, you’ll find the views you’ve always longed to see.

The never ending purple fields of Provence.

Lavender in Provence-25

Stretching on for as far as the eye can see, waving in the breeze and gently humming with bees.

Lavender in Provence-26

Lavender in Provence-27

Of course French bees don’t buzz.

They boozz.

It’s much sexier.

Lavender in Provence-28

Lavender in Provence-29

No French adventure (or any adventure now I come to think of it) would be complete without an ice cream.

Lavender in Provence-34

Vive la France!

And long live Provence.

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