Getty Wanderings

There’s a train comin’!

It’s coming to take us up the hill to The Getty Museum.

Which, by the way, is one of the most remarkable museums I have ever come across.

Not because of what it houses, but because of the place itself.

The beautifully designed space sprawls itself over a hilltop high above Los Angeles. Not only are the buildings works of art, but the gardens are well worth a snoop, too.

Modern Rome by Turner 1839

A Young Girl Defends Herself against Eros (Cupid) by William Bouguereau 1880

Van Tromp, Going about to Please His Masters, Ships a Sea, Getting a Good Wetting by Turner 1844

Christ with the Crown of Thorns by Guido Reni 1636

Pan and Syrinx by Jean-Francois de Troy.

Pan fell in love with the nymph Syrinx and pursued her to the banks of the River Ladon. When Syrinx called on her sister nymphs for help, they transformed her, and Pan unexpectedly found himself clutching a cluster of reeds. He was enchanted by the sound of the wind blowing through them, which reminded him of the plaintive cry of his beloved Syrinx. Longing to have her with him always, he fashioned the first pan pipes from the reeds.

View of the Bay of Naples by Giovanni Lusieri 1791

I’m wearing my new favourite, uber flattering “Scuba dress” by Bardot, Topshop pumps, Armani bracelet, a friend’s hat, and a brown leather clutch from a brilliant, fantastic charity that you absopositively have to check out… Live Fashionable.

[iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”120px” width=”600px” scrolling=”no” src=”,n_1865215,n_1918333,1d8848af73a9a26a01068b4fdc6ed5c0,35be385331a37b79722ec27cd7a9e0a2&rows=1&cols=5&brand=1&price=0&hover=1″]

Lunch was all about tuna melts & garlic fries.

Before continuing our roam of the grounds.

The views are pretty spectacular.

And the whole place has this wonderfully peaceful, romantic flavour to it.

Anais Nin once said – “We write to taste life twice.”

I think that’s absolutely the case with blogging, too.

Not only does blogging make you get off your behind and do stuff you wouldn’t usually do, it keeps you in touch with the people you love and gives you an opportunity to re-live your adventures again.

I really love sharing with you, I probably don’t tell you this enough… but I’m so grateful to you for sticking by me & following my adventures. This weekend I got to meet the loveliest group of readers and it touched me so much. Your comments & support mean the world to me, so thank you.

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  • nicelygarcia

    I love the Getty! The Getty Villa, up in Malibu, is worth a trip, too! Beautiful ocean views. Check out the Griffith Observatory, if you have the chance. Probably my favorite place in LA.

    • Emily

      Agreed! The Getty Villa was one of my favourite parts of visiting LA. A little hard to gain entrance to if you don’t know the process but totally worth it πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Very keen to give the villa a go! Hope I can squeeze it in before I leave!

  • Angel R.

    I recently just moved to LA so I must see this. So bummed that I could not make it to your blogger meet up. You look beautiful in that dress – makes me want to buy about ten of them.. Your blog is horrible for my bank account. Thank you for your continuos blog posts. They really are such a joy to read. May I ask what camera you use that allows for your pictures to come out so clear?

    • Rosie

      Thank you Angel, you’re too kind! It’s a Lumix, there’s more info on my “about” page x

  • House of Herby

    Not that everything else in this post was lost on me…but HOW BIG IS THAT LEAF? It’s like a tree star from The Land Before Time!

    • wagnerj8

      It’s from a maple tree, and they can be even larger. There are some of that variety of maple in my Virginia city, and tourists go bonkers over them every autumn.

    • This Cotswold Girl

      Completely thought the same thing!

    • Rosie

      I know right?! American seems to have much better leaves than the piddly little ones we get in the UK… I’d love to go to Boston or New England for fall one year & just roll around in them!

  • Sunshine Blonde

    That white dress was made for you, Rosie. Loving it. xx

  • Charlotte

    Love the Getty! I think the gardens are the best bit! Xx

  • Amber
  • Stephanie Bell

    Love the outfit Rosie and such a pretty place! x

  • Guest

    The sculpture with the different sizes torso, waist and breasts is spectacular. Did you catch who it was by? And Rosie, your blog is like a mug a’ cocoa on an autumnal day…always something to look forward to in the morning (and distract me from work i should be doing in the afternoon!) X

    • Rosie

      I did check but neglected to write it down, sorry Emma!
      Maybe another reader know’s who it’s by…

      • Vanessa


  • Isabel Cristina

    Beautiful pictures! Love the white dress!

  • Wow this place looks so dramatic and I can’t believe how vivid the leaves are! I’m also slightly in love with your dress- I always struggle to find nice white dresses!
    You’re also totally right about blogging- ever since I started, I’ve loved that I’ve had a record of the places I’ve been and things I’ve done. They used to just fade into memories and now not only do I have something I can look back on, but it gives a great platform to share things with others. Experiences are always that bit better if you can share them =)


  • Queenie Lee

    Lush outfit. The pictures of you with the leaves is awesome!

    • Rosie

      Thanks Queenie! x

  • saradujour

    IN LOVE with your outfit. White looks amazing on you. Gorgeous as usual!

  • Oh that painting by Turner, Modern Rome, is gorgeous.. (Italy has stolen my heart) What a wonderful post Rosie, you are looking happy and super pretty! Also, I love that you share with us, it is inspiring, truly!

    • Rosie

      Thank you Yara, I always look forward to your comments xx

  • HeyCourtneyRae

    I love the Getty! Have you been tot he Griffith observatory? That place has some spectacular views of both LA and the Hollywood sign, especially at night!

  • Arnold

    You’ve put on so much weight since arriving in America it makes me sick.
    You’re just like all the local scum now. You should be ashamed of yourself blogging and taking pictures like you’re pretty. Your not pretty.

    • Joy Michelle

      are you for real, Arnold? Wow. I frankly don’t think Rosie has looked more beautiful in a while. Her hair shines and that outfit is sublime on her.

    • Emma Grimwood

      “Your” grammar is awful, Arnold.
      We all know Rosie is beautiful, so do pipe down.

    • Janne

      What the hell is wrong with you Arnold? I don’t know if you’re trying to get people riled up, but it’s totally inappropriate to write a comment like this. You shouldn’t even have permission to comment on this blog. I think you are such a bully. Rosie don’t even acknowledge him, you look amazing! He’s not even courageous enough to have a profile picture, while you document your life.

    • What in the world is wrong with you?

    • Bethany Burroughs

      where are you looking?

    • georgia rose

      @disqus_rxNCJL8sCv:disqus – move it football head

    • esm

      *you’re not pretty. 2 outta 3 ain’t bad though mate, well done. I applaud you for such an insightful comment

    • Lol someone’s a tad jealous…

    • Kit

      Perhaps, you sir, should go and find another corner of the Internet to spend your free time?
      Whether you think Rosie is ‘pretty’ or not is personal opinion, but maybe leave alone a girl who undeniably has a beautiful soul… (And what I’d say is a cracking bod!)

    • Nelya Zlamanyuk

      What are you talking about?! I mean, do you even hear yourself?! She’s looks beautiful as always. If anyones being ugly here, its you with those kind of words. Now get off this website if there is going to be more garbage coming from you!

    • Gabriella

      And you’re so pretty that you decided to withhold a photo. Get a grip and go and write nonsensical comments elsewhere or better yet, don’t comment at all, and go about your day.

    • Mairi Friesen-Escandell

      This is surely a sick joke

    • Natalie

      I certainly hope you are joking. If not, why in the world would you post something so rude and unkind? Having a bad day?

    • Oh Arnold, you poor poor soul. Your life must be so miserable that you have so much time to do this. You need a hobby my friend!

    • Rosie

      I think you might have misunderstood the point of my blog, Arnold.
      I set it up as a way to stay in touch with old friends & connect with new ones all over the world. I wanted to share my adventures, recipes & tips and have something to look back on & show my kids when I’m settled.
      Whether I’m fat, thin, ugly, or pretty really has no baring on this!
      I can’t imagine having the time to leave negative comments on other people’s blogs, so in some ways I envy you that… but mostly I just feel pity. It’s sad that you put so much stock in looks and feel that those who don’t live up to your idea of beauty “should be ashamed of themselves”. I can only imagine it’s coming from a place of insecurity & pain and I hope you can begin to accept yourself as you are, and from then on take people as they come.
      You’ll be much happier when you let go of that negativity, trust me.

  • Joy Michelle

    Love the Getty! Love your blog! Love those photos… Gosh makes me want to go visit soon. Thanks for sharing with us! Finished my VISA application yesterday — so excited to be come across the pond and have so many places i must see thanks to your blog!

    Cheers, Joy

    • Rosie

      Oh good luck with the VISA! They’re always such a pain! x

  • Lucy Birchall

    You’re looking very tanned, lady! Glad to see you’re really making the most of your time in LA and doing and seeing some really exciting things.
    Lucy xxx

    • Rosie

      Thanks Lucy!
      I can’t decide if I’m excited to come home & be all autumnal, or sad that I have to leave the heat…
      I’m thinking soup, cider & cashmere will cheer me up no end!

  • dj_b

    I’ve loved your blogging in LA. So many people visit this city and miss the beauty, but I knew you wouldn’t be one of them πŸ™‚ Just wish I could’ve met you (I was also at first Friday and Griffith Park this weekend!) If you haven’t yet, check out some of the ethnic communities (and food) here: Thai town, Glendale for Armenian, Tehrangeles (Westwood), Little Tokyo, K-town, etc.

    • Rosie

      Desperate to check out Korea Town! Will try and squeeze in a trip before I leave!

  • Leith Mahoney-Maver

    I know I’m supposed to say something cultural here about the Getty, but all I really want to say is how much I love your shoes! And that toast looks darn good too. – Leith

    • Rosie

      haha thanks Leith! x

  • I love that quote, and how it can pertain to blogging… it’s so very true! Gorgeous photos as per usual – I always intend to make it to the Getty when I visit LA, but always get sidetracked. It MUST happen next time! πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Yes it must Caroline! Let me know if you blog it! x

  • Julia

    You need to also check out the Getty Villa! It’s absolutely beautiful, and I love it the same (if not more on occasion) than the Getty! And thank you for all your posts! The idea of a journal and reliving my study abroad semester again is the reason I started blogging again.

  • D.

    Dear Rose, you are so wonderful, even if you are eating a burger or wander around some place spectacular… it’s a delight to just sit here and read your thoughts… So the emotion is shared! Greetings from Bulgaria!!! πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Thanks, D! Love from LA! xx

  • I totally agree with the quote – blogging definitely is all about re-living your experiences. You look lovely, by the way πŸ˜‰

  • That’s a wonderful quote by Anais Nin and I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on blogging. I feel exactly the same and I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years now. It’s almost an addiction!

    • Rosie

      10 years in an impressive stint Steph! I can only hope I’ll still be going after all that time…

      • I’m sure you will. You’re an excellent blogger and look how many people look forward to reading your posts. I know I do!

  • Hi Rosie, I’ve got a blogging question for you. In this post and always, you have such wonderful photos on your blog… including the ones that are of you! Are all of your friends just naturally excellent photographers, or do you give them tips/requests when asking them to take photos for you? Also, how do you considerately ask others to take photos for/of you? I always worry that I’ll be annoying. Would love your thoughts as this is clearly an aspect of blogging you’ve got down pat! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Hey Julie,
      This was actually one of the things we covered in the meetup, so you’re not the only one to wonder! Most of my friends & family are creative in some way or at the very least used to the photographic world, so they’re all pretty handy with a camera.
      They’re also all wild about the blog, so are pretty keen to help! If we’re out somewhere it’s usually just a case of them grabbing the camera & taking a few snaps of me, because they enjoy it and they know it helps.
      I tend to surround myself with generous people, so I suppose that helps.
      I used to worry about it when I started, as all the big bloggers have photographer boyfriends… but most of the British bloggers I know just get by with friends & a tripod!

      • Rosie, thanks for taking the time to respond so thoughtfully – appreciate hearing your advice on the subject. And I love the sentiment about surrounding yourself with generous people. I guess sometimes it really can be that simple! πŸ™‚

  • Sarah

    You look beautiful, ignore anyone who says otherwise! I’ve been looking for a white dress in a similar shape to yours for ages (my university requires that I wear a white or black dress to my graduation ceremony), but the link doesn’t seem to work, is that just me?

    • Rosie

      Thanks Sarah, sorry about that! Should be working now! x

  • Bethany Burroughs

    Love the dress, and the tan, and all your new freckles!

    • Rosie

      Thanks BB! xxxx

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    You look remarkable, Rose! That dress is so flattering on you πŸ™‚

  • Emma

    Look at the size of that leaf!

    You look so pretty in those last few shots too.

    This place looks incredible, definitely want to go there.

    Hmm maybe…

  • This was an absolutely beautiful distraction from writing my personal statement, thank you Rosie!


    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    • Rosie

      Any time Hayley! x

  • Valerie Guimaraes

    Sending love from the states!

  • Meg

    I love the Getty! Looks like you are getting a great tour of LA and the wonderful museums.

  • Anne Borup MΓΈller

    Honestly, Rose.. At first glance of your blog, I was sure I had ended up in some posh, snobby, British rich-girl universe that I couldn’t possibly identify myself with (I hope you don’t take this as me being mean, it’s not intended that way)
    But reading your posts, I pretty quickly found myself amused, entertained, sometimes at a loss for words (being by your pictures, an interesting story, your pretty amazing way of putting things)… And I fell a little bit in love with you.
    So thank YOU. Really. I am currently on maternity leave, and even though my little daughter is amazing, it’s nice with something nice to read, to take my mind of the whole motherhood-thing from time to time.

    • Rosie

      haha thanks Anne, I appreciate it.
      Your daughter is BEYOND adorable, so well done you! xx

  • Charles

    Dearest Rose, I’m truly concerned about your health. Tuna melts and fries will not do you any good in the long run. Please hurry home to London! I miss you dearly

  • Cydney

    we write to taste life twice – this quote sums up my nature, i’ve always loved writing, it doesn’t bother me whether i’m good or not, it’s just something i really enjoy. i keep diaries and i’ve started blogging and like you say it gets you to do things and capture things you wouldn’t usually, it’s an online diary full of memories shared with others that you can look back on now and then and smile

  • I think that’s absolutely right getting to live life twice, I love looking back on my photos as right now I’m blogging about a lot of past travels as I only started mine at the beginning of the year. It’s great reliving the great places I’ve been. Thanks for taking us to all the places you go!

  • You look absolutely radiant, Rosie!

  • No idea what this place is but looks good! So does the food! And you look beaut!
    (That comment at the bottom half made me LOL and half made me angry – so sad when people are that jealous of success!) xo

  • The Getty is absolutely my favorite garden and architecture in Los Angeles! I love bringing a picnic there!

  • Travelling vicariously through you Rosie. You always do such a good job πŸ™‚

  • The hat is so cute! You look like a goddess version of Charlie Chaplin!

  • Hello Rosie! I am so bummed I missed your meet up in LA! I was just getting back from my trip to England and Serbia this past Sunday. Hopefully you will come back to sunny Cali! I love your blog and want to thank you for your London hotspot review posts… was super helpful while visiting London! Xx

  • I absolutely love the Getty, it’s one of my favorite museums in the world! Fun fact: it was used as Starfleet Headquarters in the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see more of your US trip! xx

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  • Emily

    I swear, I discover something new every time I visit The Getty. I love it. Your dress is absolutely perfect!
    And I’m so glad that you blog! Following your adventures is a blast and I’m always so inspired by your posts. <3

  • Adore your white dress!

    Happy Thursday Rosie xoxo

  • Greg

    Thank you Rose!
    I first started reading your blog for the recipes and now almost checks it everyday for my daily fix of happiness and OUVERTURE ( i’m french…)
    Thank you for showing everyone the nice places, art and food of the world.
    By the way i completly agree with your no diet, that is almost the system i used and preached to my friends for years. it is no rocket science!
    Best and keep them coming.
    If you ever plan to come to Dubai…

  • Johanna Filipson

    I love following all your different adventures, you paint such beautiful pictures with your posts, I love the red leaves of fall!

    PS. Super jealous you can wear sun dresses and flats – October in Sweden is a liiittle colder

  • lisa

    Lovely post as usual, always excited to see what you’re up to next!
    Any chance of re-posting the ‘Hollywood brunch’ post? It would never open properly and now doesn’t seem to be here at all, and it looked like fun, from the few photos I could see!

  • Ria

    I love the Getty! I agree that it’s very romantic too. I also like that you allow you to bring picnics if you want, the food there can be pricey.

    Love your little white dress, you look gorgeous and adorable as always.

  • The pictures are amazing, the details and the hard work that goes into preserving art is just amazing. Love your scuba dress and the colourful autumn leaves. Love the interior of the building. And your food is making me hungry.

    I definitely agree with you that blogging allows you to go outside you box and experiment and connects you with people around the globe. It is an amazing experience.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  • Manon Ibrahim

    Wow, that place looks amazing. And looks like you’re having an amazing time in LA. πŸ™‚ I’ve never been but would looove to see it one day.

  • gonna be craving fries allll day now! you look beautiful in your white dress xxx

  • I’m in love with this cute outfit!


  • Chantelle

    Love hearing about your adventures Rosie, the photos are all fab πŸ™‚ x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  • I really don’t like using Disqus to comment, but I will for you! πŸ™‚ Some of paintings are absolutely breathtaking. I wish I could go and see it for myself! Also, absolutely loving that white dress on you. I super wanted to buy one but clicking on the link took sooo long to load I gave up πŸ™

    I went to one of your fan-meets in London but was late and you were already surrounded with people and I was too shy to actually say hi to you… :(( I think I was a little starstruck! One day, though!

    • Ria

      I hate Disqus too:( It seems to be the new thing but I really hate it! It seems to be all about the blogger and disregards the commenter:(

  • PeonyandPeach

    I love when you do these kinds of posts!

  • I like your outfit.

  • AurΓ¨

    Hello,Ciao…Great Post…so many and marvellous Art photos…I’d say W the Art but W the Artist of all over the World!
    Hey Rose…with that fabolous outfit and Chapeau …you’re a work of Art too…You’re a Masterpiece of Beauty and Style!

  • Sepideh

    Great pictures! And I love your outfit, that dress suits you really nicely!!!

    And blogging is definitely a great avenue for socializing, creativity, and making memories. Thank YOU for sharing it with us!!

  • Trine Marcussen

    Have you announced the winners of the “ultimate handluggage giveaway” yet? (:

    And I really adore you’re blog and style!

  • lucie

    Love this Rose! I’ve enjoyed your LA posts so much πŸ™‚ and you look so relaxed and happy! The more relaxed look – jeans, nice dresses, and flats totally suit you πŸ™‚

  • Isabel

    looks like a pretty good day out!

    A Day in the Life

  • looks like a very quiet and peaceful place, especially the interiors look stunning.

  • Becca

    It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and I have just spent the nest part of an hour catching up on all your blog posts that I have missed over my hectic week! It’s left me feeling invigorated! I love reading your posts and seeing all the amazing things that you get up to. You may appreciate me as a reader, but I certainly appreciate you as a writer! Thank you for taking the time to share your stories with us!

  • Christina Marie

    Your very fun to follow and I love that you never forget your readers. You were the first blog I really started following and you gave me the guys to create my own creative space. So thank you Rosie for sharing!
    ~Christina Marie

  • chantelle

    I did NOT visit this when I was in Cali, what a shame! It’s stunning.

  • You’re so right about blogging! I feel the exact same way. Love that quote from Anais Nin too!

  • Tessa Holshouser

    I just traveled to London and Paris for the first time and it was fabulous! I went to Heston Blumental and about died over the tipsy cake. Love your blog, Rosie!

  • If I didn’t have a new baby requiring my attention I would have totally made the drive up from San Diego to LA for that meet up! When I read about it originally I was a little sad, knowing I wouldn’t be able to make it. So glad you are enjoying our wonderful state. πŸ™‚
    I second basically everything Anne Borup MΓΈller said in an earlier comment. (Except I am not still on maternity leave, sadly… You guys have a much better thing going on in that area of life than we Americans!)

  • Ralph

    We’re off to California in August 2014 and your pics and insightful comments are invaluable. Wife loves you and so do daughters. Many thanks Rosie!

  • kjenken

    Does anyone know where to find that Armani bracelet? The link only takes me to the site, and I can’t find it anywhere. Always enjoy reading this blog. I gasped when I was reading through comments and saw what Arnold said! Classy response Rosie!