Postcards from Charleston

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We’ve just arrived home from the most wonderful adventures in The South.

We started in Charleston, South Carolina, where our old friends Thomas and Julia live in a cloud of pastels, dahlias, sweet tea, Spanish moss, floating on a gentle sea breeze.

We felt a world away from Los Angeles from the second we slipped into comforting embrace of Julia’s guest room.

Complete with flowers grown in Thomas’s garden.

We arrived after midnight and were too excited to sleep, so we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, chatting and trying to settle Lily, who was also far too excited to sleep.

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We woke before the girls and padded outside in our pyjamas to catch up.

Snuggled under blankets in our rocking chairs, talking about all the things we’ve missed over the last couple of years apart.

It felt at once as though a lifetime had passed, and as though we’d only seen each other yesterday.

I joked that we’ll need to recreate this picture when we’re in our 80s, wherever we are by then.

We took a stroll around the neighbourhood, with all of its lush green trees and towering old house.

And made our way into The Old Town for a spot of breakfast.

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Hopping along the cobbled streets with our respective bunnies in tow.

Autumn in Charleston is the most delicious temperature.

Like an early English summer’s day, warm enough to wear a dress but with a slight chill in the air that calls for a comfy boots and maybe a cardie.

I brought the girls matching coats and we just couldn’t get enough of them hopping about together.

We visited a sweet little bakery for breakfast.

Where I had the best cinnamon roll of my life.

Despite the lack of cinnamon.

We enjoyed the utter simplicity of being parents sipping on hot coffee while the kids played beneath the table.

It’s the little things you miss when your friends live so far away.

No sooner had we finished our cups, than we were dragged off in search of more fun.

By two little rabbits who are always in a rush.

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The next couple of days passed in a blur.

Walks along the water’s edge, cups of tea on the porch, trips into town.

We all slipped into step like one big, extended family.

One night we left the girls tucked up with Grandma, who tells the very best stories.

And popped out to a candlelit dinner at Julia’s favourite restaurant, which I cannot remember the name of but I will find out!

I had two favourite spots, one was The Post House.

Where we sat outside and shared burgers and fried fish sandwiches, washed down with fresh lemonade.

And the other was Abundant Seafood, a little shack a short walk away, selling the freshest fish and seafood right out of the sea.

Surrounded by keen eyed pelicans hoping for scraps.

All in all it was a pretty magical few days filled with love and a good dollop of laughter.

Then we had Halloween!

But that’s a story for another time.

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