Supper by The Sea, Halcyon House

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You might think that as we’re camping we’d be foraging for supper. Hunting beasts. At the very least, cremating a few sausages on the barbie.

But this isn’t your ordinary camping trip.

This is glamping.

So instead we got all dressed up.

And headed out into the sunset.

Strolling through the trees.

Picking flowers along the way.

Strolling by the light of the moon.

Onto Cabarita Beach, with its sand like cold velvet underfoot.

Lily and I stood on the dunes and looked out at the rolling sea, and endless deserted beach.

Here’s how our attempt to get a nice photo of the moment went.

When it comes to life with a toddler, you’re always one step behind!

We played until the last of the sun dipped below the treetops.

And as the night set in, we clambered back up the dunes.

To Halcyon House.

And a restaurant I must have had on my Pinterest board for the better part of a decade!

You can see why!

While Lily studied the wine list, I had a little snoop around this blue and white paradise.

We sipped on spicy cocktails and sweet mocktails.

Lily kept herself busy while the grown ups chattered away.

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Before introducing herself to anyone who would listen.

She is going to be the life of the party, mark my words!

At the table we nibbled and shared, looking on as the place slowly filled up around us.

Morsels of tender spiced meat,

fresh salty oysters,

buttery crab salad,

steak tartar, and the rest of the cocktail list!

All topped off with one of the best chocolate and banana puddings I’ve ever had.

We stayed up hours past Lily’s bedtime, laughing until no sound came out, sharing food and stories, generally enjoying a really wonderful and much needed girl’s night out.

Before racing home to our little camp.

Just as we got tucked under our covers, the heavens opened and the tent was filled with the sound and scent of heavy rain.

A night to remember.

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