Happy Campers

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We have crossed state lines and escaped into the wilderness.

Ok ok, maybe our little adventure isn’t quite that in-tents, but it is exciting!

We’ve popped down to New South Wales and checked into our new home.

The Hideaway, right off Cabarita Beach.

It’s so sweet I couldn’t resist giving you a quick tour.

This is our “family tent”.

My husband hates camping, so Lily and I brought a girlfriend instead.

We make quite the cute little family.

There’s a squidgy double bed and two singles.

A fridge, electricity and wifi.

All beneath a cream canvas.

We’ve made ourselves right at home!

Lily’s never been camping before.

It’s funny, I feel as though I’ve known her forever, so the idea of her ever not being here is odd to me.

It’s such a joy to experience all of these ‘firsts’ through fresh eyes.

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Visitors from the nearby nature reserve have been popping by to welcome us to the neighbourhood.

Which gives us a chance to put Lily’s “Australian Birds” book to good use and look them all up.

What do you think the chances are that we’ll get much sleep?

I’m sure to wake up in a fowl mood if not…

Wish us luck!

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