Cabarita Beach

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Did we sleep?


Did we sleep well?

Not exactly.

Despite being up way past her bedtime, one little piggy wasn’t ready to stop the party. So we stayed up telling stories, bouncing into each other’s beds, and generally miss-behaving.

We must have finally dozed off around midnight and woke with the dawn chorus.

No sooner had Lily had a bite to eat,

Than she was ready to roll!

We celebrated the new day with hot coffees and frothy babycinos.

Which we took to the beach, between downpours.

Cabarita Beach must be the most astoundingly beautiful place I have ever been.

It’s a feast for all senses.

All you can hear is the crashing waves and the chorus of birds from the trees. The air is fresh but not cold. The sand is soft as silk and cool to the touch. Every breathe is scented with salty sea air mingled with the lush floral jungle of the dunes.

It goes on and on further than the eye can see, disappearing into a mist along the bay.

And there are puddles.

Once it had warmed up a bit we swapped our wellies for swimmers and made a beeline for the waves.

I think it’s safe to say that the blues of Halcyon House had an effect on me…

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We rejoiced in having miles of sandy beach to ourselves.

Running, swooping, singing and dancing in the waves.

There’s nothing quite like spending time with a little’un to get fully in touch with your inner child.

It’s even easier of course if you never grew up in the first place!

Race you to the sea?

Beach ya to it.

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