The Floating Restaurant, Cornwall

Last time I told you all about our Cornish adventures, the beaches, the restaurants, all the good stuff.

But I do have one more secret hidden under my hat.

You see one of Cornwall’s best restaurants isn’t in any of its picturesque little harbour towns or even it’s land-locked villages.

No, for this one you have to go down to the sea.

So dress appropriately.

Our friends picked us up in their dinghy and chugged us out into the bay.

We could barely contain our excitement!

As our cheerful captain set sail.

Slowly but surely (with very precious cargo on board) we made our way to an old Cornish fishing boat called Tethra.

Where her two charming owners Charlotte and Jess welcomed us aboard.

And we made ourselves at home.

The girls fired up the engine and off we went.

Thankfully it didn’t take us long to find our sea legs.

After a trip out to the lighthouse we were treated to the prettiest views of St Mawes.

As we floated up river.

Joined by some of our oldest family friends, Richard kept our hosts occupied talking about boats, while Mummy and Judith talked about other things.

…big things.

How big?

And the rest of us just enjoyed the views.

Once we’d dropped anchor in a suitable spot, the girls served lunch.

A true Cornish feast!

Dressed crab, hot buttered new potatoes, baked fish bursting with herbs and crispy garlic, the most beautiful summer tart, salads and homemade bread.

Charlotte & Jess, who usually work as boat builders, prep it all in their teeny tiny galley kitchen, but you’d swear it had come from the hands of a top chef.

Which only adds to the magic of dining on board.

We all tucked in happily.

Chatting away through lunch as the world sailed by.

Finishing the day with pudding and local cheese.

Then more than one of us snoozed all the way home.

Gently rocked by the soothing waves and hum of the engine below.

You can hop aboard for breakfast, lunch, tea or supper in the summer months.

It’s a banquet table that seats 12, so you might be sharing with other like minded people. Alternatively you can book it all to yourself.

Find all the info you could possibly need on their website and be sure to pack your appetite.

What are you waiting for? Seas the day!

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