Sunset Supper, Provence

Much of the joy of summer in Provence comes from simple pleasures.

Crusty warm bread from the boulangerie, sun kissed tomatoes so good you can just bite into them like apples, runny cheeses, cheap local wine that slips down as well as anything you pay an arm and a leg for back home. Lazy walks, rolling vineyards, the sun on your shoulders, the singing crickets, freckles.

You could easily stay an entire season and live like a king on a pittance.

But there’s another side too, a more refined version that I wouldn’t want to live in for too long, but is fun to visit for a night or two.

So a few of us got spruced up and left our little bubble for the evening.

Wrap dress // Mini basket // Sandals (dupes here)

Printed dress // Pink basket // Espadrilles (similar) // Jewellery

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We drove through the lush green hills, to La Bastide De Marie.

Where we took up residence on the terrace.

White linen covered tables glowing in the last of the light.

Candles waiting to be lit, glasses aching to be filled.

We chose a table beneath the trees.

And settled in for the night.

Jewellery all handmade by her fair hands – Silver May

Laughing, toasting and nibbling as the sun sank into the vines.

The food isn’t the best in the region but it is good and the setting makes it taste all the better.


Tomato & goats cheese. The very best local flavours.

With the very best side show…

Fillet of beef.

All topped off with mille-fuille.

Which led us down the rabbit hole of happy wedding memories.

Giving us even more to chatter about as the sky turned from gold to violet.

Before disappearing above the treetops, a deep inky blue slowly glittering into life as the stars came out.

The heat finally broke and we wrapped up in our husbands jumpers, hands cradling warm coffees, reminiscing.

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