Good Gordes, Provence

Gordes (pronounced “Gord”, so worthy of many a pun) is one of Provence’s prettiest villages.

A dusting of golden houses, sprinkled across a hillside.

I’ve written about it before when we stayed at the most beautiful hotel, hidden away on the cliff side.

Even if you’re not a guest at the hotel, you should absolutely stop in for a cuppa in the gardens.

It’ll give you the energy you need to tackle the winding cobbled streets that seem to climb up and up and up forever.

There are charming little shops filled with homewares, fashions & trinkets.

And baskets! 

Crumbling churches and galleries for mooching around.

Summer in Provence can get painfully hot, but Gordes has a magical breeze blowing through its streets, offering relief from even the stuffiest days.

White dress // Mini basket

SandalsHS versions

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In the square you’ll find a fountain and a pretty little restaurant.

It’s not the best in town by any stretch of the imagination, but it was where they filmed “A Good Year” which is my brother’s favourite film.

So you’ll never guess where we found them!

I’m not really one for visiting film locations but this one really is worth it if you enjoyed the movie.

“McDonalds in Avignon, fish ‘n’ chips Marseille”

If you’ve never seen A Good Year, watch it tonight! You’ll love it.

We all chose from the chalkboard menu.

Delicious ravioli for some, beef carpaccio for the rest.

With lots and lots of French bread…

When in Rome!

Seersucker romper

After lunch we explored a little more.

You mustn’t miss the beautiful hand painted church.

The interior is Provencal blue, it’s deliciously cool and smells like candles.

Just opposite there’s a wonderful little ice cream shop where little and big kids alike queue up for a scoop.

The kids tried their best not to drip ice-cream all over their smart clothes, while their parents looked on indulgently.

Just like old times.

Should you find yourself in the area, I thoroughly recommend stopping into Gordes. If you want to stay there, you really must try this hotel.

And throw a penny in the fountain for good luck.

Last time we were in Gordes I did just that and wished for a happy, healthy little family of my own.

So it only seemed right to return and say thank you.

Tell you what, you whisper your wish right now and we’ll drop a virtual penny in the water for you.

Then this time next year you can tell me if it came true.

Richard Bach said it best-

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however.”

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