Wanderers in Venice

People will tell you that Venice is best seen from the water.

Bobbing your way through the city in a little wooden boat, powered by one man and his stick. They’re not wrong, it is a lovely way to see some of what Venice has to offer. It’s something everyone should try once in their lives, just try not to lose an eye to a waving selfie stick as you pass by the rest of the world with the same idea!

But once you’ve indulged in one gondola trip, I think you’ll find it quite enough for one lifetime.

From then on, Venice is best explored on foot.

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No offence, chaps!

The boats certainly add to the scenery and magic of the place.

As does the wafting operatic singing of some of the gondoliers as they pass beneath the marble bridges.

There are just so many land-locked churches, galleries, museums and pretty piazzas that you’d miss if you didn’t venture away from the canals.

A never ending series of jaw dropping alleys, squares and corners to discover.

Just be sure to wear something you’re comfortable enough in to do it all justice!

Blue printed dress

(Huge. I ordered a size down and despite the Bump, it’s still too big. Order at least 2 sizes down.)

Chanel Coco bag // Velvet flats

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For an authentic lunch, stay clear of the busy tourist packed streets and 5* hotels on the main canal.

Just a little off the beaten track you’ll find Ristorante Al Covo.

A delightfully rustic little restaurant in a deserted courtyard, with an ever-changing seasonal menu that’s sure to hit the spot.

I started with beautifully crisp courgette flowers, stuffed with ricotta and mint.

While looking on enviously as my husband devoured a shoal of raw red shrimp.

Followed by steaming plates of pasta.

And dessert in one of those tourist streets I said you should avoid.

I can resist all things except temptation.

And in an effort to expose Bump to as many food types and potential allergens as possible, I thought it only my duty to sample all of Venice’s pistachio gelato.

A selfless exercise, you understand.

Melting faster than I could lap it up, we strolled back down to the edge of the lagoon.

For a little more of that irresistible Venetian architecture.

And some prime people watching.

Before setting sail into the lagoon and heading back to the hotel.

Drinking in the sights along the way.

After all, they do say that the best way to see Venice is from the water…

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