First Baby Buys

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I’ve never been the biggest baby person.

There are some people who will cross a room to gaga over them, pull them from their prams for a cuddle and squeal with delight when a sticky fingered toddler waddles their way.

Me? I feel that way about dogs.

I mean I will run through traffic to say hello to a stranger’s puppy. Smelly wet labrador? Not a problem! But hand me a baby and I’ve always been a bit… non-plussed by the whole thing. Naturally I assumed I’d feel differently about my own one day, but there was always that niggling doubt… would I really? (YES cried every mother I’ve ever met!)

And yet my body has my back. It seems that the hormones are kicking in and I find myself clutching my husbands arm and whispering fervently “look at that baby!”

Every pram that goes by I peer into, every mother carrying an infant I smile sickeningly at, I have officially gotten the baby bug. This morning I had breakfast with a mum and her one year old, who was immediately placed on my lap “good practice” the mum said, and I was in heaven! Leg tickling, toe wiggling, key jingling heaven.

I can do this.

But there does seem to be quite a lot to do before winter turns to spring and I’m suddenly left… holding the baby.

And that’s what everyone wants to know, “what have you bought?” “Have you planned the nursery yet?” “Do you want my decorators number?”

The answer is no, I haven’t started the nursery yet. I know I’d like it to be yellow. I think I’d like it to be yellow. That counts as planning, right?

Here are a few bits and bobs I have bought:

  • Maternity trousers. Now that it’s no longer warm enough for swishy dresses, these are a lifesaver. The best leggings I’ve found are these ones, which are inexpensive and probably won’t last forever – so I bought lots. I also bought their jeans in a range of colours.

ASOS also have a great maternity section, as do Topshop and when I go to the states next week I plan on stocking up on Hatch, which everyone raves about.

Other than that I’m largely rocking oversized jumpers & stretchy knitted dresses.

My next sartorial mission is diving headfirst into the confusing world of maternity bras. I hate wearing bras at the best of times, so wish me luck.

  • The pregnancy pillow. It deserves the The because according to all of the reviews, it’s the Rolls Royce of pregnancy pillows. Huge, cuddly, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, eco-friendly, and generally pretty wonderful. It looks a bit odd, but a bit like men, it’s the odd looking ones who work harder in the bedroom!
  • I was given “Belly Buds” which are sort of head phones for the Bump. We’ve been experimenting will all sorts of classical music hoping for kicks but nothing quite yet!
  • A life changing book. “The Positive Birth Book” by Milli Hill. A really, really brilliant, no nonsense look at pregnancy, birth and beyond. Very digestible and so informative. I devoured the whole thing and put it down feeling so empowered, strong and goddess-like. I recommend it to anyone who stands still long enough to listen.
  • A slightly heavier going book. “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” written by the undisputed Queen of Midwives, Ina May. Who has something of a celebrity/god-like status among midwives. I’d recommend reading the Positive book first, then dipping into this one afterwards.

I’d love some more books to read, so if you have any great suggestions please let me know! This comes highly recommended and is next on my list.

  • I’ve bought a handful of delicious onesies…

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Largely because I like holding them and seeing how tiny they are! Makes it all feel a bit more real.

Mum has been knitting away all summer, so we have an array of achingly cute tiny fishermen’s jumpers.

  • I’m about to order a pram. I know this seems wildly organised of me, but I had my husband do extensive research into “the best one” and as he emerged from his secret laboratory, hair wild and eyes roaming after days of deep study, he whispered “this is the one…” I put it on the list to buy in a couple of months, but just this moment spotted that it’s half price. So as I needed it anyway, seems silly not to tick it off now!
  • A Snoo. Is next on my list. Amazingly not something from Dr Suess, it’s a cot that plays white noise and rocks your baby back to sleep if it wakes. Wildly expensive but honestly I’ve just never seen anything reviewed as positively as this is, across the board. People swear by them. Anyway as someone who values her sleep, I’d quite honestly pay anything to get even a drop more of it!

I think that might be just about all I’ve sorted for now. Sorry it’s not a more exciting or exhaustive list! I shall be sure to report back if I find anything of note. And when I start the nursery, I promise to share! Because after all that feels like the really exciting bit.

Anything else you think I need in these early stages?

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