Scorpios for Sunset, Mykonos

After our boat trip around the bays of Mykonos, we had our skipper drop us at Scorpios.

A bohemian cliff-top retreat for anyone who appreciates good food, great cocktails, chilled vibes and a cracking view of the sunset.

White backless dress // Highstreet version


Striped basket 

The interiors (and exteriors!) are to die for.

An impeccably styled boho playground.

This one felt very much at home.

A DJ and a bongo player, both seemingly high as kites, pump out alternative music that’s equally relaxing and spontaneous dance inducing. (Listen to this playlist as you continue scrolling, for the immersive experience!)

We took a romantic table for two on the sunset deck.

Salty sea hair wrapped up and away! (Tutorial here.)

We sipped on rosé and sour cocktails as the sun lit the sky ablaze.

There’s something oddly magical and primitive about all coming together to watch the sunset.

The nibbles help too.

Having done extensive research, I can safely say that Scorpios serves the finest taramasalata in Mykonos.

Don’t miss it!

Just be sure to get fried zucchini for dipping.

And never say no to a padron pepper!

Followed by a deliciously salty Mykonian salad & sticky octopus.

After supper the beats kicked up a bit and we wiggled our way down to the fireside.


Where we danced the light away.

Surrounded by a heady mixture of woodsmoke and burning incense mingled with the breeze coming off the sea.

Once the sun goes down the party really starts.

The families head home for the night and the party crowd arrives.

The perfect spot for a summer’s night.

And perhaps the best place in Mykonos to wind up for a night on the tiles.

It closes at midnight when everyone races to the real parties in the clubs and bars across the island.

Book a table, wear something swishy, enjoy!

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