Boat Trip, Mykonos

You know I love a good boat trip.

And when staying on an island as beautiful as Mykonos, with so many hidden beaches and coves to discover, well it would be a crime not to set sail and discover a few!

So we chartered a rib that would make James Bond proud from Black Velvet Sea Charters, and jetted off into the deep, glittering blues surrounding our beautiful island.

Speeding past Nammos, Scorpios, our hotel and other haunts.

Headed for quieter shores.

Bikini (sold out, similar styles from same designer below!)

Blue & white wrap

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At the first likely looking cove, we jumped right in.

Played like otters for an hour or so, before moving onto another spot.

Nothing better to do that lay back, relax and watch the world speed by.

Before doing it all over again!

Captain Philip threw his new drone up and captured a few keepers from above.

Who needs the Caribbean when you have Greece?!

^ Philip, our own personal Bond for the day.

And my Bond Girl…

We sped off into the sunset and had our captain drop us at Scorpios just in time for the sunset.

But that’s a tale for another time… thankfully there’s no sting in it!

I thoroughly recommend a day out with Black Velvet, next time we’re taking it to Delos!

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