Emerald Lake, Canada

Having spent a very cosy Christmas indeed at Lake Louise, it was time to pack up our newly unwrapped pressies, load up the car again and hit the road.

Which is no great hardship when the road looks like this…

We travelled through the ice-blasted winter wonderland.

Marvelling at the miles & miles of wilderness & watching the temps sink lower and lower as the polar vortex gained momentum.

We didn’t have very far to go for our final stop of the tour.

The utterly magical Emerald Lake.

While the vividly coloured lake may have frozen over some time ago, the hot springs keep the river flowing by & only add to the sense of undiscovered magic here.

We hopped out into the snow to explore.

Bobble hat

Blue cosy coat // Cosy jumper

Ski pants // Snow boots

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Checking into Emerald Lake Lodge & a room with quite the view of the lake. 

Lighting the fire & snuggling in for the rest of the afternoon.

The rest of our time was spent exploring the surrounding world.

The snow continued to fall thick & fast, muffling any sound from the outside world and leaving us feeling as though we’d stepped onto another planet.

We walked the length and breadth of the huge, ice coated lake.

Out into the woods.

Grateful to be experiencing it all when the local bears were (hopefully) asleep!

There is quite simply nothing like a North American landscape to make you feel utterly insignificant.

In the best possible way.

With days spent in space suits exploring our new planet…

…we relished evenings spent back at the base.

No wifi, no books, no outside world.

Just us, our cabin in the woods, a happy crackling fire, two good books and a few nibbles.

The perfect way to end a wonderful, wonderful year.

Thank you for making our White Christmas dreams come true Canada, thank you for the memories and thank you for reminding us of life’s simplest and finest pleasures.

I will most certainly be back!

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