My favourite day of every trip is always the boat day.

We all pile onto a ferry, a catamaran, a dingy, a rib, or even a row boat. I don’t care what sort of vessel we commandeer, just that we’ll be out riding the waves all day.

And all boat days need a good picnic.

So we stopped on the way at a likely looking place to pick one up.

Which, as with most things on holiday, turned into an adventure of its very own!

Shirt dress

White shirt // Embroidered shorts


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Sicilians love their fresh fruit and veg and the shopping in every single little town reflects this.

You wont find a village without a fruit stall, Sicilians swarming around it like bees on honey.

I most certainly picked a keeper.

We settled up and carried our lot to the boat.

With just a little teamwork!

Hopping aboard and chugging out of the pretty little harbour of Castellammare del Golfo.

Keen to get away from the stifling heat of the town and its searingly hot streets.

We set off along the coast, with the cabin boy keeping look out.

Past looming rocks and caves that disappeared into the island, leaving a glow of blue water behind.

We sped past the house, giving it a wave as we went.

Onto Tonnara di Scopello.

And the beautiful yacht in its bay.

And into Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve, a protected peninsula where over 650 different species thrive.

We found a quiet little stretch of ocean and made it our own.

Leaping into the deep blue.

Much of the day was spent swimming too and from the boat, jumping from it, trying to reach the sea floor and coming up giggling, spluttering for air and grinning from ear to ear.

If you’ve lost touch with your inner child, a boat day is the way to reconnect.

Not that we needed much help in that department…

Even M had a good go!

Come lunch time we tucked into the spoils of that morning’s hunt.


Sicilian fast food takes some beating!

And some snoozing off.

Straw hat // Straw hat

Bandana bikiniSwimsuit version

After another dip or two, we set off to see more of the Nature Reserve.

Grateful for a misspent youth messing around in boats, I like to think I made a terrifying but fair captain.

If you’re not happy driving or messing around with anchors, you can very easily hire a boat with a skipper in the same little port.

Or just get to the nature reserve via a 2hr hike, in 30 degree heat, then sit here…

…or here…

… totally upto you!

A little rib is 100 euros for the day, plus fuel.

After a long day racing up and down the coast, bouncing through waves and other people’s wakes, we spent a grand total of 18euros on gas.

Making the best day of the trip a total bargain, and one I thoroughly recommend should you visit Sicily.

Very brown, very salty and a little sleepy, we made our way back to port. Helped, again, by the cabin boy.

Into the technicolour town, where we tossed the rope to the boat’s owner and made our way to Cafe Vogue.

For a round of my specialities.

Half a glass of lemon granita topped with fresh orange juice.

Drink of the gods and something I learned about on Favignana last year. The Vogue team where a little perplexed but nailed it in the end. Now I’ve done the hard work, all you need to do is pop in and order one for yourself!

Orange you lucky?!

(Couldn’t resist that one!)

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