Lunch in The Cotswolds

The next village on our “to explore” list was Stow On The Wold.

Another sleepy postcard town complete with tea shops, galleries, pubs and antique shops galore.

Starting with a visit to a church that felt like something more at home in Game of Thrones, than this pretty little village.

Yew really have to see it to believe it!

We strolled out through the ancient church yard and into the town.

Where we caught up on a little window shopping, a spot of antiquing and just a little dream-house hunting.

I’ll take this one, thanks.

And not just because of the name…

This town was made for lazy wanderings!

A place to pick up a book or two and stop to smell the roses.

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We stopped inn at The Porch House for a cuppa.

Just the place to sit and watch the world go by, at its country pace.


We could happily have had lunch there and then, but we had other plans!

Off we trundled, to an even littler village called Kingham.

Consisting of a handful of rose covered, honey coloured houses, all centring around a freshly cut village green.

With a very pretty restaurant called The Wild Rabbit.

Far too perfect to be a true country pub, it’s the sort of place Londoners want to visit and pretend it’s a quiet little country pub, but in fact it’s sort of Chelsea in the wild.

I claim no embarrassment whatsoever at visiting such a place, we loved it.

Here’s to The Londoner in all of us!

We sat outside under huge cream parasols, the bees buzzing through the lavender, and dined on scallops.

Fish in the most delicious buttery sauce.

And the closest thing we could get to apple crumble…

…which wasn’t all that close at all, but warm madelines with lemon curd soon made up for that!

After lunch, in an effort to walk it off, we took a spin around Kingham.

There’s not a lot to see or do here, which suited us perfectly.

We just strolled around aimlessly, enjoying the weather, the smell of freshly cut grass hanging in the air, and the tumbly houses that all looked as though they’d been drawn by children and brought to life.

Another perfect day in the country.

Now, who’s up for retiring and moving to Kingham with me?

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