St Remy Market, Provence

St Remy Market has something of a legendary status among French market fans.

A sprawling affair that takes over almost the entire town of St Remy, this is where you can find every Provencal product you’ve ever dreamed of.

Far too good to keep to myself, I thought I’d give you the full tour.

We start early, before the hoards arrive.

Stalls heavy with clothes, sheets, cottons, soaps and lavenders make up the outskirts.

And in the centre you’ll find my favourite bit.

The food!

Row after row of tables piled high with the freshest produce, the best ingredients, all from the farms themselves.

No vacuum sealed plastic packaging in sight.

The charming stall holders will hand you a basket to fill as you please.

You can really go mad with the fruit and veg, even if you bought everything your heart desired you’d struggle to spend over a tenner.

Be sure to pick up a few bags of these ^ they make perfect gifts and make the most sensational seasoning when roasting a chicken! (Give this recipe a go.)

The fruit stands look more like jewellers than grocers, their goods glowing in the sunshine.

Stock up on nibbles to accompany wine later.

Don’t even think about skimping on dip.


Anchovy dip. Artichoke dip. Tapenade.

Don’t forget to buy crudité and bread!

Oh and local saucisson, of course!

As you head further through the market, the food will start giving way to other essentials.

At least if you shop ’til you drop here, you don’t have to go far for sustenance!


Floral wrap dress

Kiss me Darcy flats

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Total basket case.

No amount of baskets will every fulfil my need for more!

We spent time lingering beneath the trees in the linen stalls, stocking up on hand embroidered French linens and pretty lavender stuffed gifts to take home.

I think mum might read this before I even get the chance to give her the lavender “M” bag!

It’s currently perfuming my desk rather beautifully though.

We bought striped hammam towels, the best option for summer travels.

And as the temperatures began to climb and the crowds began to heave, we skipped out through the back streets.

Back home to unpack.

And enjoy the spoils.

That gooey brie? It’s truffle brie.

Words cannot even begin to explain how mind blowingly fantastic it is!

Just promise me you’ll try some when you visit?

After a very long, very lazy lunch we moved onto the pool. Which we didn’t leave until daylight gave up on us.

Straw hat

Yellow swimsuit

Film camera

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I could really get very used to life as a French housewife.

Sorry darling, I think I might need to run away with a Frenchman!

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