Sunset in Eygalieres, Provence

In the middle of a sprawling tapestry of olive groves and vineyards you’ll find Eygalieres.

A little sleepy village with a weekly market, a handful of restaurants and winding streets lined with stone houses draped in roses and vines.

It seemed like the perfect place to hunt out some supper and perhaps a glass of rosé or two.

We arrived in the golden glow of late afternoon.

Feeling somewhat relaxed already, in that way you always do on the first evening of the holiday. You go from being like cold hard butter that can’t be spread onto toast for life nor money… to the half melted type ready to be smothered liberally onto a French baguette.

Swishing around town in a Bardot dress, Bamboo bag, Strappy sandals and D&G sunnies.

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Like all little French towns, there’s a pharmacy (selling all sorts of wonderful potions, French pharmacies are unbeatable), a cheese shop, butcher, boulangerie and 3 or 4 hair dressers (in France you are never more than 10feet away from a hairdresser).

It is a particularly charming place to wander on a warm evening.

If you climb to the top of the town you can clamber through the medieval ruins and look out across Provence.

Having climbed to the very top and back again, we let the breeze carry us to the closest café.

Café de la Place is well worth stopping at.

Not only does it get the very last of the sun, but they do very good rosé and nibbles.

Commandeer a table and watch the world go by.

With no plans for supper we checked out the contenders one by one.

Which was no great hardship!


Settling on the very pretty Chez Paulette.


Proudly run by some of the loveliest staff in Provence, with a menu that changes every day depending on what’s fresh.

*Hint… the wine’s always fresh!

We started with crunchy green veg, tossed in a lively vinaigrette.

Followed by seared cod, and some very moreish French fries.

We couldn’t have asked for a better intro to Provencal life.

Perhaps I could move there and become Rosé Londoner?

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