Exploring Symi

After a wonderful stay on Rhodes we hopped on a boat over to the tiny, colourful island of Symi.

A world heritage site, life on Symi is beautiful, simple and feels a little like stepping back in time.

No lavish hotels, high rises, golf courses, nightclubs or even swimming pools.

Just you, the cobbled streets, the sea and all that Greek food!

We found a little old hotel in the harbour and it was love at first sight. Every day!

We’d awake to the sound of the sea, sunlight glittering into the room and the smell of fresh pastries wafting up the stairs.

Dressing quickly (there’s no call for makeup on Symi) we’d follow our noses down to the kitchen, floating on a waft of coffee like a couple of Disney mice.

Then, every day, we’d have breakfast together. Right here –

On the water’s edge, overlooking the pretty pastel houses of Symi.

Aliki Hotel was built in 1895 and has been passed down through the family ever since.

Now Mario and his brother run it while they’re mother sits crocheting in the reception.

It’s one of the few hotels on the island that you don’t have to climb any steps to get to, which is a relief as you’ll be clambering up and down them around town on your adventures all day long!

Symi Harbour is the biggest town on Symi (and it’s not all that big).

It is a technicolour dream.

Oversized sunnies

Button up mini dress – from a brand called Kimchi Blue I cannot get enough of! (More picks below)

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Shell basket clutch // Woven sandals

Be sure to spend a little time exploring, you can get lost among some of the pretties streets in the world.

Stop and chat to locals along the way.

A quick “kali mera!” (good morning) will go a long way.

Talking of a long way, did I mention the steps?

Comfy shoes are a plus and shady corners become a god-send.

Be sure to stop and try some cheese from the chap who roams around selling it from his boot.

Even just for the novelty of it!

Spend a little time on the water’s edge just taking it all in.

There are plenty of bars to draw you in for a coffee in the morning and a few cocktails at night.

Be sure to slip past the front line of shops, selling a dizzying array of sponges and baskets, and head for the back streets. That’s where you’ll find the local shops.

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You’ll be glad you wore comfy shoes after a morning spent getting well and truly lost!

Grab a cooling drink on the front.

Maybe even a cooling dip?

Or hop onto a water taxi and make for the beach.

Gliding out through glittering, glass like water.

This time we made our way to Agia Marina, a short 5min ride away from town.

A turquoise blue bay, flanked by waving white parasols, almost to ourselves.

We ordered coffees from the bougainvillea covered kiosk and took them to the sea.

Blue & white swimsuit

It sure beats a quick starbucks back in London!

Striped swimsuit

We wallowed until lunch.

Which we ate at the little taverna on the water.

Saganaki (fried cheese), Greek salad,

Symi shrimp (little ones cooked in garlic that you eat whole. They’re almost like a cross between prawns and crisps and taste best dunked in tsatziki.)

We ate gazing out to sea and sipping on ice cold Greek wine.

Utter bliss.

Sparkler earrings

Having spent the afternoon reading, swimming to and from the little island (with the prettiest little white church on it), we headed home shortly before sunset.

Freshly cleaned, de-salted and ready for supper.

We grabbed a drink at Tsati Cocktail Bar (one of the prettiest in town, if you ask me).

Then had a little nibble at a restaurant further along the harbour.

^ You might recognise this snap from May’s touching post. A must read for anyone thinking of giving up on something they’ve longed for.

My clever, wise and very beautiful mamma.

Together we watched the sun set over the town.

Off the shoulder dress

Pom pom basket bag // Striped espadrilles

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And had an excellent supper at Pantelis.

Garlic prawns.

Aubergine moussaka.

Greek salad.

Fried cod with the best, thickest, tastiest garlic sauce.

It kept us going, grazing, and chatting late into the night.

I don’t think days come much better than that!

Come and Symi tomorrow for some more Greek adventures…


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