Sunset on Corsica

We couldn’t resist returning to our little Makeshift Beach.

Sunset in Corsica-1

Hot from in-land adventures and keen to cool off, we clambered down for a late afternoon dip.

Sunset in Corsica-2

As cool and as comfy as possible…

Sunset in Corsica-5

In this little white dress.

Sunset in Corsica-4

Breathing in the salty sea air and lusting after that glassy blue sea.

Sunset in Corsica-7

Sunset in Corsica-8

It didn’t take long for us to strip off and slither in!

Sunset in Corsica-9

Blue tie-side bikini

Sunset in Corsica-10

We swam with the place to ourselves, watching the light turn ever more golden as the sun sank to the horizon.

Sunset in Corsica-11

If you’ve never watched the sun go down from underwater, make sure you try it next time.

There’s no sight or feeling quite like it.

Sunset in Corsica-12

As the air cooled and the sea got rougher, we clambered out to watch the last of the sunset.

Sunset in Corsica-14

And dry out on the rocks.

Sunset in Corsica-13

Soon enough our patience was rewarded.

Sunset in Corsica-18

We were treated to the most beautiful and moving sunsets I’ve ever experienced.

Sunset in Corsica-17

If no two sunsets are ever alike… shouldn’t we pay a little more attention?

Sunset in Corsica-19

Once it had dipped well below the horizon, leaving the sky a delicate shade of pink, we made for L’Île-Rousse.

Sunset in Corsica-20

Strolling through the sun warmed town, slowly coming to life for the evening’s festivities.

Sunset in Corsica-21

Sunset in Corsica-22

Sunset in Corsica-23

In a little courtyard we finally found a restaurant with a free table.

Sunset in Corsica-24

Where we sipped on rosé and dined on buratta and seafood pasta.

Sunset in Corsica-25

Sunset in Corsica-26

Well past-a bedtime, we wandered home and fell asleep before picking up our books.

The very best sort of happy tired you only really get from spending time in the sea.

Corsica, you were so wonderful to us. I’m going to return every summer, forever.

I think you should too!

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