Corte, Corsica

Corsica, being French, has an abundance of beautiful little towns.

It would take a lifetime to explore them all, but we thought we’d tick another off our list.

Allow me to introduce you to Corte.

Corte, Corsica-1

A cobbled little university town, perched on the edge of a Corsican mountain.

Corte, Corsica-2

Silver May choker

Black and white dress

(Not the heavy cotton you think of when you see this print, in fact a light and twirl-able silk!)

Braided sandals // Similar basket

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Corte, Corsica-3

Built in layers, there are hundreds of steps leading to little squares and shady spots to take a rest on your way up.

Corte, Corsica-4

Corte, Corsica-5

There are pastel coloured churches

Corte, Corsica-6

and all sorts of other cool crepe…

Corte, Corsica-7

Corte, Corsica-8

Corte, Corsica-9

We ducked in and out of the smattering of churches around the town, forever hunting that unmistakable scent, and relishing the cool quiet, away from the hot, busy streets.

Corte, Corsica-10

Corte, Corsica-11

The town is quite delightfully dishevelled.

Corte, Corsica-12

Corte, Corsica-13

A world away from the postcard perfect towns of Southern France, this place’s lived-in realness gives it an added charm and beauty.

And really who can get enough of blue painted shutters?!

Corte, Corsica-14

Corte, Corsica-15

Corte, Corsica-16

We clambered up to the highest point, to see the citadel.

Corte, Corsica-17

The birthplace of Napoleon’s big brother, a prison during WWI, and just the place for a spot of lunch.

Corte, Corsica-18

Corte, Corsica-19

After a lunch of Corsican specialities we headed down into the newer part of town for pudding.

Corte, Corsica-20

Corte, Corsica-21

Layered up in quite the array of Silver May jewellery!

Choker (coming soon) // Success sparkler

Stacked Love Bangles

Corte, Corsica-23

Corte, Corsica-24

Corte, Corsica-26

Corte, Corsica-27

Into the main square for homemade soft serve.

Corte, Corsica-28

Melting under the summer sun, we set our sights on a cooling swim.

Driving out into the jaw droppingly beautiful Restonica Valley.

Corte, Corsica-29

Winding through landscape that wouldn’t be out of place in Northern California, we sniffed out a pool for a dip.

Corte, Corsica-30

You’ll find endless spots along this road, just choose a favourite and jump on in!

Corte, Corsica-31

Corte, Corsica-32

Corte, Corsica-33

Corte, Corsica-34

Much happier in the dappled shade of our natural pool.

Corte, Corsica-35

There are moss covered rocks for climbing on, waterfalls to discover and huge hot rocks for baking on.

Corte, Corsica-37

Corte, Corsica-38

Pina colada print bikini

Corte, Corsica-39

With nothing but the sound of babbling water and wind in the treetops, it’s just the place to spend a summer’s afternoon.

Corte, Corsica-41

Corte, Corsica-42

Corte, Corsica-43

Corte, Corsica-44

Corte, Corsica-45

Corte, Corsica-46

There’s more than a little magic in those waters.


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