Makeshift Beaches, Corsica

There are a number of lovely beaches in North Corsica.

But as with anywhere in Europe, they tend to be rather popular in August.

Thankfully, the island is more than big enough for all of us and with a little imagination you can find your own private slice of heaven.

Which is just what we did.

Corsican Beaches-1

Driving south towards Calvi, we spotted this glittering oasis from the roadside, just before we got to L’Île-Rousse.

We parked up and clambered down.

Corsican Beaches-2

Giving it a good old once over before we moved in.

Corsican Beaches-3

Smooth rocks for stretching out on?

Corsican Beaches-4


Crystal clear water the colour of your dream man’s eyes?

Corsican Beaches-5


Corsican Beaches-6

We decided it would do nicely.

Corsican Beaches-7

Straw hat

Comfiest bikini of the trip

So in we hopped!

Corsican Beaches-8

Corsican Beaches-9

Marvelling at the clear water and lack of people to share it with.

Corsican Beaches-10 Corsican Beaches-11

Corsican Beaches-12

Corsican Beaches-13

Corsican Beaches-14

Corsican Beaches-15

We played, jumping in and out of the water, chasing fish and each other through the shallows.

Corsican Beaches-16

Indulging in the simple pleasure of cool water swirling around you and the feel of morning sun on skin.

Corsican Beaches-17


Corsican Beaches-18

We took a breakfast of pastries and fruit, eating them on the rocks with our toes in the waves.

Corsican Beaches-19

Corsican Beaches-20

Cooling off in the sea.

Corsican Beaches-21

With a grin from ear to ear!

Corsican Beaches-22

Before sharing the last bits with the locals.

Corsican Beaches-23

Corsican Beaches-24

We played until well after lunchtime.

Corsican Beaches-25

Corsican Beaches-26

And after one final dip continued our trip into L’Île-Rousse.

Corsican Beaches-27

A pretty seaside town with restaurants and a market.

Corsican Beaches-28

Corsican Beaches-29

Wrap front playsuit // Striped beach bag

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Corsican Beaches-30

We climbed through the pretty painted streets, in search of a late lunch.

Corsican Beaches-31

And a few… ahem… essentials!

Corsican Beaches-32

Corsican Beaches-33

Corsican Beaches-34

We dipped into the market, boasting all things local and delicious.

Corsican Beaches-35

Corsican Beaches-36

Corsican Beaches-37

Corsican Beaches-38

Corsican Beaches-39

Before strolling along the beach.

Corsican Beaches-40

Corsican Beaches-41

There are a number of restaurants here, all much of a muchness but we chose the one with the white umbrellas.

Corsican Beaches-42

Picking a table on the sand, in the shade.

Corsican Beaches-43

Where, hungry from swimming all morning long, I tucked unceremoniously into a bowl of gambas pasta.

Corsican Beaches-44

Corsican Beaches-45


We spent the remainder of the afternoon on that very beach. Not giving two hoots about the crowds because you can have cocktails and ice-creams brought to your sunbeds.

I think it’s fair to say we have our priorities in order.

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