Fancy Fish Supper, Corsica

All of our meals in Corsica were wonderful.

All eaten in ramshackle shacks, barefoot on the beach or bbq’d on the terrace.

With one notable exception.

We took a little drive north, along the coast to Erbalunga.

Blue midi dress

A beautiful, delightfully crumbly little fishing village on the sea.

Old house in fishing village in Corsica

Cobbled streets, peeling paint and huge abandoned houses everywhere you look.

Corsican Fishing Village

Abandonned House in Corsica

Busy bars spilling out into squares full of giggling children, all playing late into the night as their parents chatter over cocktails.

And quite the view of the pink Corsican sunsets…

Long Royal Blue Dress and Lemon Print Bag

Dolce Lemon Print Bag

Blue button-up dress

Silver bangles // Success Sparkler

Lemon print handbag (similar)

Braided sandals

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Midi Royal Blue Dress at Sunset

A little harbour filled with fishing boats and local’s toys.

Old Village in Corsica

Disturbed occasionally by the wake of a visiting super yacht.

I know, it doesn’t really seem the place for them, does it?

No glittering promenade, no scene, certainly no Louis Vuitton for a spot of late night shopping.

No. They come for the food.

Le Pirate Restaurant in Corsica

In the harbour, overlooking the boats, you’ll find Le Pirate.

Candlelit Dinner

A fine dining, michelin starred, romantic little spot to rival anything in Paris, London and beyond.

Candlelit Dinner in Corsica

Saumon / Betterave / Pickels / Pomme Airelle.

Candlelit Dinner in Corsica

Tomate / Buratta / Prizutu.

A fancy take on a classic, perfectly executed.

Dinner in Corsica at Le Pirate

Bœuf Herdshire / Truffe / Ail Noir / Jus.

Just dreamy. A real treat.

French Cheese Board

Wonderfully smelly, rich local cheeses. Served with all sorts of preserves and crunchy, warm bread.

Dinner in Corsica at Le Pirate

Cerise / Sésame / Citron.

Michelin Starred Dinner in Corsica

Finished off with a delicate, layered sorbet, topped with meringue and custard.

I haven’t included all of the dishes, because I really feel you deserve a trip to discover them yourself.

You’ll have to make a reservation via email, no-one answers the phone. Everything you need is on the website.

Corsican Fishing Village at Night

After supper you can stroll back into the town, have a drink and a wee groan about how full you are!

Only a couple more blog posts from Corsica to come… have I convinced you that you need to go yet?

Because you really do.

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