Kiki’s Beach Shack, Mykonos

Before my trip I’d heard that Mykonos town was the only part of Mykonos where you’d really want to spend any time.

But in reality there’s so much more to the island.

Hidden coves, hamlets, secret beaches, glittering turquoise water, pretty churches, restaurants to discover, all of which admittedly can seem a little overwhelming if you’re just popping over for the weekend.

So even if you just venture further afield for the day, I’ve got just the spot.


It has it all!

Kiki's Mykonos-1

A pretty little white washed church, set beautiful against the deep blue sky.

Kiki's Mykonos-2

Wrapped in a sea breeze, looking out over the water.

Kiki's Mykonos-3

Blue & white beach dressalmost identical with more sizes

Red sunnies // Blue bandana

Striped beach bag // Starfish sandals

Kiki's Mykonos-4

Striped Bardot beach dress

And a long, sandy beach below it.

Kiki's Mykonos-5

Kiki's Mykonos-6

We spent the morning exploring, climbing, chasing lizards and playing in the water.

Kiki's Mykonos-7

Kiki's Mykonos-8

Kiki's Mykonos-9

Before climbing back up to other side of the church for lunch at Kiki’s.

Kiki's Mykonos-12

A little beach shack with no electricity, just a grill and some of the best food on the island.

Kiki's Mykonos-10

Oh, and that view…

Kiki's Mykonos-11

We sat in the dappled shade of the olive trees making spritzers from local wine.

Kiki's Mykonos-13

Kiki's Mykonos-14

Dipping torn handfuls of bread into cool taramasalata.

Kiki's Mykonos-15

A far cry from the neon pink stuff we get back home.

This creamy, rich dip is truly the stuff of Greek gods. The paler the colour, the better the restaurant.

Kiki's Mykonos-16

Alongside tender octopus in vinegar and fresh tzatziki.

Kiki's Mykonos-17

I have a recipe for tzatziki here if you fancy trying it at home this summer.

The restaurant quickly filled up, and even boasted a queue spilling out into the sunshine.

The boys got to work on the grill, the smell of charcoal and caramelized aubergine wafting on the breeze.

Kiki's Mykonos-18

Kiki's Mykonos-19

They popped a sealed packet of feta, olive oil, herbs, peppers and tomato onto the fire and served it up for us to dip into (or just scoop directly into our mouths as the case may have been!)

Kiki's Mykonos-20

Our aubergine arrived split down the middle, bursting with chopped herbs and nuts.

Kiki's Mykonos-21

The most wonderful combination of vibrant flavours and textures.

Kiki's Mykonos-22

We squeezed lemon over grilled prawns, before ripping them from their shells and plunging them into tzatziki.

Kiki's Mykonos-24

All washed down with “one more” (maybe two) carafe(s) of iced white wine.

Kiki's Mykonos-23

After lunch we clambered down into the view.

Kiki's Mykonos-25

Emerging into a sweet, private little bay with crystal clear water.

Kiki's Mykonos-26

The sea hasn’t quite warmed up yet, but there was no way that was going to stop a couple’a hardened mermaids!

Kiki's Mykonos-27

Striped bikini

We spent the remainder of the afternoon in those waters.

Kiki's Mykonos-28

And snoozed off our wine in the shade.

Kiki's Mykonos-29

An adventure well worth leaving the beautiful Mykonos town for!

Ask any taxi driver to take you to Kiki’s or head for this spot on the map. They open at 1 sharp, but get there just before to ensure a table. They’re full for the rest of the day!

Take cash, a towel, a book and some sunscreen. Swimsuit optional.

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