I seem to be traveling non stop at the moment.

Everything seems to be squidged together, with a few last minute plans thrown in that means I only spend a week or two at home between trips.

I’m not complaining, it is wonderful and I’m enjoying every second of the whirlwind. I’m already certain that my future grandchildren will be sick of hearing my stories about the places I visited back in my youth!

I suppose it’s all a continuation of my old resolution to say yes to every opportunity, even if it does mean catching 40 winks in cars and planes along the way.

When I landed home from Italy I was almost immediately asked to pop over to Greece for a photoshoot. You know me. I can’t say no. So off we went!

My boyfriend stayed at home with the ecstatic dog (he knows you can’t beat a boys weekend) and Tania and I hopped on a very easy flight to Mykonos, in the Greek Islands.

We landed just in time for sunset, had an excellent very Greek dinner at To Maereio and crashed out not long after.

Waking to a rap on the garden gate the next morning, with a beautiful Greek man delivering a basket of breakfast.

Mykonos Greece-1

We happily relieved him of his burden and set about devouring the lot!

Mykonos Greece-2

We stayed in the prettiest of villas at Casa del Mar.

Surrounded by fluid white curves and looking out onto its private little beach.

Mykonos Greece-3

Not a bad spot for Greek yogurt and coffee!

Footloose and fancy free for the day, we set off in search of Mykonos town.

Mykonos Greece-5

Straw hat

Linen dress (UK/US) – also in black (UK)

Starfish sandals (US)

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We found it, nestled in a bay below the imposing windmills.

Mykonos Greece-6

And that is where my passionate love affair with Mykonos began.

Just look at these colours!

Mykonos Greece-7

Mykonos Greece-8

Tania spent the morning laughing at me, as I was in total sensory overdrive, gasping and grabbing her every few minutes, to look at some new blue and white view.

Can you blame me? Look at this place!

Mykonos Greece-9

Mykonos Greece-10

Mykonos Greece-11

This bit of town is called Little Venice and it’s where everyone gathers to watch the sunset every evening.

But in the morning, you can have the place to yourself and it is magical!

Mykonos Greece-12

Mykonos Greece-13

We snuggled into a corner with a couple of drinks, settling in to enjoy the view.

Mykonos Greece-14

Mykonos Greece-15

Mykonos Greece-16

Before winding our way through the maze of Mykonos’ painted streets.

Mykonos Greece-17

Mykonos Greece-18

Mykonos Greece-19

Mykonos Greece-20

Mykonos Greece-21

Mykonos Greece-22

Mykonos Greece-23

Despite its reputation as a tourist trap and party island, life still goes on for the locals.

Greeks who have been here for thousands ignore the clubbers falling out of parties at breakfast time, head to church and shop in make-do-markets that pour onto the streets from the back of cars.

Mykonos Greece-24

Mykonos Greece-25

A very different island to what it will become in the hight of summer, for now you can have the streets almost to yourself.

Mykonos Greece-26

It’s not too hot to explore and the lack of crowds means there’s time for a good old chinwag with the locals, who are invariably charming.

Bouganvilla bursts from every other building, the pinks clashing so beautifully with the blue and white of the picture perfect town.

Mykonos Greece-27

Mykonos Greece-28

These two little snaphappy wanders found it all too much to resist.

Mykonos Greece-29

Mykonos Greece-30

Every alleyway leads to a new jaw dropping view, some new and undiscovered square or port.

Mykonos Greece-31

You will inevitably end up walking in circles and getting completely lost.

Mykonos Greece-32

Which is an excellent excuse to stop and chat with some of the local shopkeepers, who are more than happy to help.

Mykonos Greece-33

And then of course there’s the most gorgeous local of all.

Someone I fell head over heels in love with, the second I saw him from across the bar.

Meet Petros.

Mykonos Greece-34

Petros, the pink pelican.

Mykonos Greece-35

Soft, cuddly, very friendly and rather eager to nit-pick through your hair.

He hangs out all over town and as soon as he’s bored wanders off.

Leaving you with a big fat grin and heart all of a flutter, like any gorgeous Greek man.

Mykonos Greece-37

You must stop for iced coffee on the front. It’s better than anything you’ll find at Starbucks.

Mykonos Greece-36

With a better view, too!

Mykonos Greece-38

Full of caffeine and sugar, we continued our expedition into the little town.

Mykonos Greece-39

Mykonos Greece-40

Mykonos Greece-41

Mykonos Greece-42

Mykonos Greece-43

Stopping off at Nikos for lunch.

Mykonos Greece-44

Mykonos Greece-45

Mykonos Greece-46

Choosing all of our favourites, for every meal possible.

Greek salad, fried zucchini, tzatziki, taramasalata and octopus. With a great deal of crunchy bread for dipping and mopping.

Mykonos Greece-47

We decided to head home the long way, which is lucky because we got so thoroughly lost it took us an age anyway!

Mykonos Greece-48

Though getting lost is no great grumble when your path looks like this…

Mykonos Greece-49

Is that you, Custard?

Mykonos Greece-50

Mykonos Greece-51

Eventually we found our taxi stand and hopped in a car sighing “Home, James!”

Back to the hotel to see out the afternoon in comfort.

Mykonos Greece-52

In the turquoise pool, with a glass of icy white wine and our books.

Mykonos Greece-53


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