London’s Bluebell Woods

If you’re looking for something of an adventure in London this weekend, I have a great idea for you.

Head to Kew Gardens (you can even get the river boat down there if you fancy adding a watery element to your adventure!) pack up a picnic, your squishiest and largest picnic blanket and your favorite book.

Once you’re inside, head for the very top left corner of Kew Gardens.

There you’ll find the bluebell woods and meadows.

Londons Bluebell Woods -1

Londons Bluebell Woods -2

More than just breathtakingly beautiful, they’re a haven from the bustling world outside.

Swaying bluebells accompanied by nothing but the breeze and bird song.

Londons Bluebell Woods -3

Press play on the video below…


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Pretty magical, right?

Londons Bluebell Woods -4

Londons Bluebell Woods -5

We may have forgotten our picnic, but made good use of the peace and quiet.

Londons Bluebell Woods -6

Stretching out in the long grass and watching the bluebells and treetops dance above us.

Nothing but them between us and the endless blue sky.

Londons Bluebell Woods -8

There is, of course, so much more to Kew Gardens than the bluebell woods.

The place is vast, and we walked most of it. Particularly taken by the field of daisies.

Londons Bluebell Woods -10

Striped belted dressLong sleeve version

Slip on sandals // Prada double bag

Pink dress // Embroidered shoes

Pink Chanel bag

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Londons Bluebell Woods -11

Londons Bluebell Woods -9

But we soon returned to bluebells.

Their season is so fleeting, we wanted to soak up as much as possible.

Londons Bluebell Woods -13

Grab your favourite picnic partner and be sure to pop over before the summer’s over.

Londons Bluebell Woods -15

There’s a little restaurant if picnics aren’t your thing and an Ice Cream Van in the car park!

If you don’t order a Mr Whippy with a flake, I’m not sure we can be friends any longer…

Garden opening times, ticket info etc, all here.

Happy adventuring!


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