This weekend I treated myself to something of a digital detox.

My man and I drove out to the countryside for a couple of nights, stopping at a pub along the way.

I did say digital detox, after all. Not a diet detox.

Chesil Rectory, Winchester Pub-1

More or less on the way to our eventual destination, we stopped of in Winchester.

The Chesil Rectory, to be exact.

Chesil Rectory, Winchester Pub-2

A snug, old pub with a crackling fire and cracking food.

Chesil Rectory, Winchester Pub-3

Chesil Rectory, Winchester Pub-4

I started with a pile of crab (mostly hidden beneath the tower of carrots) and he had a beetroot tart.

Chesil Rectory, Winchester Pub-5

Followed by the most excellent wood pigeon with truffle risotto & cavolo nero.

Chesil Rectory, Winchester Pub-6

Apple crumble & custard.

Chesil Rectory, Winchester Pub-7

And a raspberry frangipane tart.

Chesil Rectory, Winchester Pub-8

An exceptionally good start to a rather drizzly weekend!

Fuelled up, we drove the rest of the way to our new home.

Shephard Hut Camping-1

A little tin shepherds hut, nestled in a meadow, in the middle of the woods. The Wriggly Tin.

If camping feels a little too much like hard work, allow me to introduce you to “Glamping“.

Shephard Hut Camping-2

Shephard Hut Camping-3

Shephard Hut Camping-4

A little kitchen, complete with wood fired stove.

Shephard Hut Camping-5

A dining room.

Shephard Hut Camping-6

Feather bed with crisp cotton sheets.

Shephard Hut Camping-7

And room for a little’un!

Shephard Hut Camping-8

With no electricity, wifi or phone reception, we set to and collected wood for the fire.

Shephard Hut Camping-9

Exceptionally excited, despite the persistent drizzling rain!

Shephard Hut Camping-10

Shephard Hut Camping-11

Huge grey scarf (so soft and a bit of a bargain!) // Soft grey jumper

Skinny jeans // Black wellies (I had ordered these beauties, but they didn’t arrive in time.)

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Shephard Hut Camping-12

Having lit the stove, I got to work laying the campfire.

Shephard Hut Camping-13

Shephard Hut Camping-14

Thankfully the drizzle stopped for a while, but the wood was still pretty damp.

Mr Custard was a tremendous help.

Shephard Hut Camping-15

Shephard Hut Camping-16

But we got it started in the end!

Shephard Hut Camping-17

Shephard Hut Camping-18

Popped the kettle on.

Shephard Hut Camping-19

Shephard Hut Camping-20

And set about unpacking.

Shephard Hut Camping-21

Shephard Hut Camping-22

Shephard Hut Camping-23

Stowed away all of our belongings.

Incase you’re as enamoured with all things blue as I am, you can find my weekend bag here!

Shephard Hut Camping-24

Finally we sat down for a nice cup of tea, and listened to the rain hammer down on the tin roof.

Shephard Hut Camping-25

Shephard Hut Camping-26

The second it stopped again, we were out there ready to snuggle up beside the fire.

Shephard Hut Camping-27

And there was no way Custard was missing out on that action!

Shephard Hut Camping-28

Shephard Hut Camping-29

Shephard Hut Camping-30


We stayed out until the sun set, turning the meadow the most beautiful shade of violet.

Shephard Hut Camping-32

And then burning gold.

Shephard Hut Camping-33

I heated up a stew I’d brought along (steak and guinness if you’re curious)(in a rather fitting pink le creuset), we lit the lanterns and the candles.

Shephard Hut Camping-34

And settled in for the cosiest night I can remember.

Stove roaring away, chimney puffing, a bottle of wine, our books and more than a few marshmallows each.

I have to say, I could really get used to life without technology.

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