Campfire Breakfasts

We woke early the next morning.

Having let the fire go out the hut was freezing! Nice and warm under the duvet with Custard wriggled in between us, flat on his back, paws in the air, quietly growling in his sleep, but the hut was so cold you could see your breath.

Leaving the somewhat useless men in bed I hopped out, pulled on boots and a jumper and got the stove going again. Popped a kettle on top and poked my head outside.

Our little meadow was ablaze.

Shephard Hut Camping-1

Bathed in the most sensational pink light, with frosted ground and mists rolling in.

Shephard Hut Camping-2

Even Custard couldn’t resist coming down to watch!

Shephard Hut Camping-3

Shephard Hut Camping-4

As the fire crackled away and warmed up our Wriggly Tin, I sat and watched the mists rolling in over the woods.

Shephard Hut Camping-5

Frosty Morning

The crisp, frosted ground was too much to resist.

We got wrapped up and went for a pre-breakfast walk.

Classic chestnut UGG boots

And a much needed leg stretch!

Autumn knits

Cosy outfits for fall

Snugg as a bugg in fresh fresh UGG boots and gloves!

Having worked with them on their Luxe boots earlier this Autumn, I just couldn’t resist a pair of their classic chestnuts.

There’s something so wonderfully appealing about a girl in skinny jeans and a beautiful pair of classics.

knitwear and ugg boots

Jeans tucked into cosy, soft shearling. It’s one of my favourite casual fashion silhouettes.

Worn with the self assured feeling that  she’ll be warm and comfy all day.


By the time we got back from our frosty walk, the hut was positively tropical!

Shepherd Hut Camping - The Wriggly Tin, UK


The Mr lay the campfire, and I laid the table for breakfast.

Campfire breakfast

Still coated in a layer of sparking frost, and adorned with nature’s finest decorative accessories.

Shephard Hut Camping-15

Alex, the camp chief, delivered a basket of breakfast goodies.

Camp breakfast

Local bacon, local sausages, local eggs, bacon and beans.

Shephard Hut Camping-17

I had a few tricks up my sleeve too, so got started on breakfast.

camping breakfasts

Glamping UK

If you plan on giving Glamping a go, you need to give Campfire Pancakes a go!

Fill a jar with:

1 cup self raising

1tsp salt

1tsp baking powder

(optional 1tsp cinnamon)

Seal it up and pack it in your kit.

Campfire pancakes

When you’re ready, crack in a large egg.

Camping pancakes

1 tablespoon of melted butter.

Camping pancakes

A cup of milk.

Camping pancake recipe

Seal it up and shake the hell out of it!

Shephard Hut Camping-24

Keep going until you have a thick, smooth batter.

If it’s not going runny, add a little more milk and try again.

Place on one side until you’re ready.

campfire bacon

We fried up the bacon from a farm nearby, with sausages already sizzling away.

camping breakfast

Our smoke and that of our neighbours drifted across the clearing, mingling with the sitting mist.

Shephard Hut Camping-28

Not a bad view with your morning cuppa!

cosy scarf


Shephard Hut Camping-35

We drank many a bucket of tea, keeping the mugs warm at the edge of the fire.

Shephard Hut Camping-36

Shephard Hut Camping-37

Once the bacon was nice and crisp, the sausages well and truly cooked through, we started on the pancake stacks.

Pop a little butter into a hot pan, and pour in your mix.

camp breakfast

campfire pancakes

Repeat until you run out of mix!

Shephard Hut Camping-40

Shephard Hut Camping-41

Keep the stack warm near the fire, while you cook the rest.

Campfire full English WITH PANCAKES!

And when you’ve made as many as you think you can, drizzle in the good stuff.

Shephard Hut Camping-43

As we ate happily, the sun came up over the treetops, turning the view from shades of grey into glorious technicolour.

Autumn in England

Totally stuffed, we took Custard for a walk through the newly glowing woods.

Cosy knits and Ugg gloves

Autumn outfit

Knitted snood // Knitted jumper (similar UK / similar US)

Skinny jeans

Chestnut UGG boots // Chestnut UGG gloves

Honey Bee Stacking Rings

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Shephard Hut Camping-47

^ Giving Mr Custard the fright of his life!

Cosy look for Autumn

But he soon forgot, and went back to hunting squirrels, and the elusive postman.

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