Moving On

I know you have lots of questions and I’ve kept you in the dark for some time now.

It hasn’t been that I haven’t wanted to tell you what’s been going on, it just didn’t occur to me that it would all last this long.

When we left Australia it was at a time of worldwide hopefulness. That brief window where covid was about to be vanquished for good by the vaccine, people felt comfortable enough to travel, party, get married, and surely the world’s borders would soon be flung open.

Sadly that window didn’t stay open for very long.

You see, Americans can travel to and from Europe and the UK, but we can’t. We can get into England, but we can’t get back here again. Here is where my husband needs to be for work, and if we learned one thing from the sudden state closures in Aus, it’s not to risk splitting the family across borders.

Home is where the dog is! Which is at my mum’s. I’ve been battling waves of homesickness and the constant sense of impending doom we all live with now, so probably haven’t been as chatty as I usually am.

The question “are you in LA forever?” pops up a few times a day and the truth is, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever be anywhere forever, but I no longer make plans further than a week away. Ask me about Christmas and I’ll put my fingers in my ears and start singing.

Going with the flow doesn’t come naturally to me, I like to organise, plan and get on with things.

But thankfully I have a new project.

We’re setting up a home in here in LA, not a forever home, but a for a while home. I’m decorating it as though I’ll keep everything I buy forever, and I’ll just ship it wherever we go. So you see, it still feels like planning!.. without any of the disappointment.

So I sincerely hope you’re hungry for some interiors content, because it’s time to say a fond farewell to our wonderful rental, and move on.

Into our new home.

I hope you’ll join me on the adventure and offer up lots of your wonderful advice, because goodness knows I could use it!

Our driver however has life figured out.

Every day is a hauliday for her.

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