Castles & Canals, Holland

We took a trip to the historic town of Muiden.

Which, wonderfully enough, meant driving through the idillic Dutch countryside.

Kasteel Muiderslot-1

Situated at the mouth of the river Vecht, it’s a tiny town with a population of about 4000 people.

Many of these 4000 clearly have excellent taste and deep pockets, as the harbour is chockablock with beautiful boats. All swaying and creaking with anticipation, hoping to be taken out on the water.

Kasteel Muiderslot-2

We walked amongst them, and I chose a modest one that I’d like to take home.

More of a dinghy, really.

Kasteel Muiderslot-3

Kasteel Muiderslot-4

Kasteel Muiderslot-5

Kasteel Muiderslot-6

Having had our fill of boats, we crossed to the canals and walked along the dusty path.

Relishing the breeze, rustling leaves and sparkling light coming through the canopy above.


Kasteel Muiderslot-7

Kasteel Muiderslot-9

Kasteel Muiderslot-10

Kasteel Muiderslot-11

Stack of Silver May bangles

We caught sight of Muiderslot and knew we’d have to investigate.

Kasteel Muiderslot-8

Muiderslot is the best kept medieval castle in The Netherlands.

Built in 1285 by Count Floris V, it’s everything you want from a European castle!

Towering turrets, candy striped shutters, one hell of a moat and a draw bridge.

Kasteel Muiderslot-12

The gardens are pretty special, too.

Kasteel Muiderslot-13

Kasteel Muiderslot-14

I found a feathery friend amongst them.

Kasteel Muiderslot-15

I politely enquired as to his wingspan, and ever the gentleman, Mr Owl showed me himself!


Kasteel Muiderslot-16

Kasteel Muiderslot-17

I’m pretty sure that look translated from Dutch Owl into English comes to something along the lines of…

“Effing tourist.”

But he was charming nonetheless!

Kasteel Muiderslot-18

Kasteel Muiderslot-19

Blue & White dress

Blue bag // Blue shoes

Kasteel Muiderslot-20

Inside, we climbed every available staircase.

Winding our way up tight, enclosed spirals.

Kasteel Muiderslot-21

But hey, that’s how you get the good views!


Kasteel Muiderslot-22

Kasteel Muiderslot-23

Kasteel Muiderslot-24

Kasteel Muiderslot-25

Kasteel Muiderslot-26

Kasteel Muiderslot-27

Back outside we lazily walked the banks of the moat, and chilled in the gardens.


Kasteel Muiderslot-28

Kasteel Muiderslot-29

Kasteel Muiderslot-30

Kasteel Muiderslot-31

Before heading back into Muiden for lunch.


Kasteel Muiderslot-32

Kasteel Muiderslot-33

Kasteel Muiderslot-34

Kasteel Muiderslot-35

Kasteel Muiderslot-36

Which we found, under the vines, beside the canal.

Kasteel Muiderslot-37

Kasteel Muiderslot-38

Restaurant De Doelen.

Where you’re served by the owner himself,  Reynaldo, in the sunshine, in the very best people watching spot.

Kasteel Muiderslot-39

Kasteel Muiderslot-40

R recommended a surprisingly good wine, which will teach me never to judge a wine on its branding.

Kasteel Muiderslot-41

We shared beef carpaccio with shaved truffle.

Kasteel Muiderslot-42

Kasteel Muiderslot-43


Kasteel Muiderslot-44

And the most exceptional white asparagus I’ve ever had.

Kasteel Muiderslot-45

Hot, buttery and served with home smoked salmon.

Kasteel Muiderslot-46

Reynaldo talked us through each course, joked with us and really made the experience lovely, without being irritating (which is a fine line!).


Kasteel Muiderslot-47

Kasteel Muiderslot-48

We watched as the town came to a grinding halt every time the bridge opened to let boats through.

Kasteel Muiderslot-49

Kasteel Muiderslot-50

And topped off the afternoon with ice-cream from the parlour across the bridge.

Kasteel Muiderslot-51

Muiden deserves a spot on your travel bucket list, it is truly charming.

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