Arriving in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been on my list for some time.

I have never heard a bad word from anyone who’s visited.

So, it’s safe to say that I was more than a little excited to finally check into our hotel!

One that’s been on my Pinterest radar for ever, The Dylan.

Just look at this room!

Amsterdam Blog-1

Amsterdam Blog-2

A gorgeous open plan attic space, with a sitting room at one end, a huge tub at the other, and a marshmallow bed between the two.

Amsterdam Blog-3

And a breezy little view into the famous courtyard below.

Amsterdam Blog-4

Having abandoned our bags, we raced out to explore in the last of the afternoon light.

Amsterdam Blog-5

Amsterdam Blog-6

As soon as you step out of the front door, you’re hit with the iconic views of Amsterdam; rows of brick townhouses, with huge windows, overlooking the canals.

Amsterdam Blog-7

Amsterdam Blog-8

I immediately fell in love with the architecture and my jaw didn’t stop hitting the floor for the rest of the trip.

Amsterdam Blog-9

Amsterdam Blog-10

Amsterdam is like a lighter, airier, waterier, smaller, friendlier version of New York.

(I know, I know, New York used to be New Amsterdam, no kidding!)

But I was really taken aback by the similarity. The canals mean much less traffic, less polution, less noise, but the buildings look the same and the cafe culture and shopping is remarkably similar to being in Downtown New York, or The West Village.

I like it enormously.

Amsterdam Blog-11

Exploring in double denim.

Amsterdam Blog-12

Jean shirt // Jean jeans

Mirrored sunglasses // Black boots

Amsterdam Blog-13

Fringed bag // Silver watch

Trinity bangles // Soulmate bangle

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Amsterdam Blog-14

We strolled through the winding alleys and over to the Rijksmuseum.

I found my dreamhouse on the way.

Amsterdam Blog-15

^ That beauty there, on the right.

Amsterdam Blog-16

Amsterdam Blog-17

Amsterdam Blog-18

We walked right underneath the belly of the museum…


Amsterdam Blog-19

… and emerged to find an infestation of bunnies on the other side.

We did our best to blend in.


Amsterdam Blog-20

We marched up and down the streets, taking in as much as possible, while chattering happily.

Occasionally grabbing each other and saying “ohhh look at that one!” about an apartment with enormous windows!

You really would think we didn’t get out much, but we both find window size and ceiling hight quite the conversation starter! *adjusts spectacles*

After an exciting afternoon we cooled our jets at George WPA.

Amsterdam Blog-21

Admired the combination of wood, marble and leather…

Amsterdam Blog-22

…but plumped for a seat outside in the sunshine.

Amsterdam Blog-23

Just in time for rosè o’clock.



Amsterdam Blog-25

Amsterdam Blog-26


We nibbled on some of the best ruddy calimari I’ve ever had, and very Dutch croquets.

Before walking on to a friend’s house for supper.

Amsterdam Blog-27

No pictures from their place I’m afraid, but we had Indonesian, it was wonderful.


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