Making The Most Of The Maldives

Seeing as I have wanted to stay in a water bungalow, in the Maldives, with its own hammock since I was a little girl, it would have been crazy for me not to make the most of it!

So while mum was tucked up comfortably inside, I dragged my duvet out and made a bed between the ocean and the stars.

I fell asleep looking for shooting ones and counting the rest.

Waking with the sun and the birds the next morning.

(But not before stealthy Mum and her snapper!)

One and Only Maldives-1

One and Only Maldives-2

With hair still wet from the day before!

One and Only Maldives-3

After a good long strrreeeeetttcccchhh, a yawn and a swim; we set off to breakfast.

One and Only Maldives-4

Weaving through the palms on our all-black-errthing rides.

One and Only Maldives-5

Shirt dress // Beaded bag

Tassel sandals

One and Only Maldives-6

One and Only Maldives-7

After an enormous breakfast, we visited somewhere Mum had been itching to go to since we arrived.

One and Only Maldives-8

The island Orchid Houses.

One and Only Maldives-9

One and Only Maldives-10

Here they grow the flowers that decorate the resort.

They hang from every other tree, adorn every table and bring a touch of the exotic… to the exotic island!

One and Only Maldives-11

One and Only Maldives-12

One and Only Maldives-13

One and Only Maldives-14

Mum in her element!

Having satisfied her green thumbs, we went to satisfy my snorkelling addiction.

Jumped on a wooden boat, and headed out to sea.

One and Only Maldives-15

So in love with this white cover-up, you’ll never guess where it’s from!

I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Chloè.

Check it out!

One and Only Maldives-16

We cut through the shimmering blue water like a hot knife through butter.

One and Only Maldives-17

Rejoicing in the cooling breeze.

One and Only Maldives-18

(Much like Custard with his head out of the car window.)

Blue + White coverup

One and Only Maldives-19

One and Only Maldives-20

One and Only Maldives-21

Just as we both settled down to enjoy the ride, it stopped.

We’d arrived at the reef and it was time to jump in!

One and Only Maldives-22

One and Only Maldives-23

One and Only Maldives-24

One and Only Maldives-25

One and Only Maldives-26

One and Only Maldives-27

Similar swimsuit

In the morning I had said that all I wanted was to see a sea turtle.

To swim with one and watch how they move.

As we swam along the edge of the reef, I kept my eyes firmly peeled… desperate for a little glimpse.

But I needn’t have bothered.

…They’re not shy!

One and Only Maldives-28

One and Only Maldives-29

One and Only Maldives-30

One and Only Maldives-31

This was just turtley awesome!

One and Only Maldives-32

Even Mum, who’s new to the world of Duck Diving, came down to take a closer look.

One and Only Maldives-33

Totally elated and more than a little bit emotional, we swam onwards.

One and Only Maldives-34

And even found Nemo!

One and Only Maldives-35

One and Only Maldives-36

One and Only Maldives-37

Before we knew it, it was time to head home.

We clambered on board. Showered off and took our seats, grinning from ear to ear.

One and Only Maldives-38

Just look at the colour of that water!

Have you ever seen anywhere more beautiful?

It could really only be improved with sandwiches. Which was lucky.

One and Only Maldives-39

We ate the contents of our lunch boxes and settled in for a quick siesta.

One and Only Maldives-40

Blue bikini

Back on dry land, we headed for our favourite spot.

Ready for ice-cream!

One and Only Maldives-41

One and Only Maldives-42

I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere where the water actually glows, like it does at Reethi Rah.

One and Only Maldives-43

I put my “Donut Disturb” sign on for the rest of the afternoon.

One and Only Maldives-44

One and Only Maldives-45

Oiled up, braided hair, slipped on a loose dress and Silver May Constellation for supper.

One and Only Maldives-46

And cocktails with my bestie.

One and Only Maldives-47

One and Only Maldives-48

Accompanied by the most unbelievably addictive snacks!

One and Only Maldives-49

^ If you ever find these in England, please let me know! I need them.

For supper we rode our bikes over to the organic “Chef’s Garden”.

One and Only Maldives-50

Nestled under the trees, in a part of the jungle you could easily miss.

Glittering with fairy-lights, candles and oil lamps, it’s very, very romantic.

One and Only Maldives-51

Even if you are on a mother-daughter date!

One and Only Maldives-52

One and Only Maldives-53

One and Only Maldives-54

One and Only Maldives-55

We tucked into delicious piles of lobster, shrimp, steak and chicken. All flame grilled to perfection on the open fire.

One and Only Maldives-56

Fruitbats swooped overhead, birds cackled in the trees and we laughed late into the night.

Returning home for mum to get into bed, and for me to get into my hammock just once more.

C’mon, you’ve got to make the most of paradise while you’ve got it, right?

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