One & Only, Maldives

Waking up on Reethi Rah Island is a pretty dreamlike experience.

We slept with our doors open, so come dawn we awoke with the birds.

They sing in the trees, water laps against the deck and the sky slowly changes from pink to blue.

One and Only Maldives-1

One and Only Maldives-2

We jumped on our bikes and rode off in search of breakfast.

One and Only Maldives-3

One and Only Maldives-4

One and Only Maldives-5

White dress // Straw boater

 Yellow bag // Pineapple espadrilles

One and Only Maldives-6

One and Only Maldives-7

The breakfast options are never ending.

Think of a breakfast food.

Yep, they have it!

One and Only Maldives-8

I started with a rainbow of fruit.

One and Only Maldives-9

And followed it up with huevos rancheros.

One and Only Maldives-10

We sat with coffees, followed by teas and chatted away as the sea swirled beneath our feet.

In the heat of the day we stripped of, slipped on robes and set our sights on the spa.

One and Only Maldives-12

The treatment rooms are dotted throughout a lush, shady garden, filled with scented blossom and twittering birds.

One and Only Maldives-13

Once you’ve chosen your Espa oil, you sit back and let your therapist take care of you.

One and Only Maldives-14

All that’s left is to choose your music.

One and Only Maldives-15

I went for “Mother Earth”.

One and Only Maldives-16

Having taken care of my feet, my therapist led me into a hut. I sank into the sumptuous bed and drifted away into heaven as she massaged every inch of me for an hour and half.

About as relaxed as a molten pool of butter, we decanted ourselves onto sunbeds and lay stupefied for quite some time.

One and Only Maldives-17

One and Only Maldives-18

We ate a light lunch of gazpacho and tuna tartar.

One and Only Maldives-19

And spent the afternoon exploring the miles of deserted sandy beaches.

One and Only Maldives-20

One and Only Maldives-22

One and Only Maldives-23

^ Westminster Crabby.

One and Only Maldives-24

One and Only Maldives-28

One and Only Maldives-29

One and Only Maldives-30

One and Only Maldives-31

Stack of Silver May Love Bangles

One and Only Maldives-32

One and Only Maldives-33

One and Only Maldives-34

Yellow crochet bikini

One and Only Maldives-35

One and Only Maldives-36

One and Only Maldives-37

One and Only Maldives-38

As the day started to cool, we dressed for supper.

One and Only Maldives-39

Blue & White dress

One and Only Maldives-40

Check out my glamorous mumma!

One and Only Maldives-41

DvF dress of dreams!

One and Only Maldives-42

We walked to RR’s answer to Nobu; Tapasake.

A glorious, light filled, Japanese oasis, hovering over the Indian Ocean.

One and Only Maldives-43

One and Only Maldives-44

One and Only Maldives-45

One and Only Maldives-46

One hell of a spot to watch the sun set!

One and Only Maldives-47

We started with sparkling sake.

One and Only Maldives-48

And pink champagne.

One and Only Maldives-49

One and Only Maldives-50

One and Only Maldives-51

Rock shrimp tempura.

One and Only Maldives-52


One and Only Maldives-53

Octopus salad.

One and Only Maldives-54

Yuzu sashimi.

One and Only Maldives-55

More sashimi!

One and Only Maldives-56

Rolls and nigiri.

Our eyes might just have been bigger than our bellies! Utterly stuffed, we cancelled our order of black cod and hot stone steak (despite the waiter’s protests as they really are the best of dishes!) there was just no way we could fit any more in.

So sat back to drink in the view instead.

One and Only Maldives-57

Mother daughter time never fails to make miso happy!

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