Jungle Pools & Sea Planes, Maldives

We spent our last morning on Reethi Rah soaking up the sunshine.

We had breakfast in our water hut, feet dangling over the ocean as we sipped our tea, munched through the banquet of food and slowly brought ourselves to life.

We sunscreened up and lounged in hammocks with our books.

Well, I read a little of mine before being pulled back to Monument Valley! (Download it immediately, you’ll become as obsessed as I am.)

Dipping in and out of the sea, to cool off now and then.

One and Only Maldives-1

The water villas are wonderfully private, so you can pretty much swim about and sunbathe in the buff if you like.

But if you fancy the cooling oasis that a swimming pool offers, you have to make your way back into the jungle.

Which is no great hardship, when the jungle looks like this:

One and Only Maldives-2

One and Only Maldives-3

One and Only Maldives-4

^ Uber chic crocodiles they’ve got at One & Only! Ammiright?!

One and Only Maldives-5

We jumped between the cooling shade of the jungle pool, to the sunbather’s paradise of the cliff top one.

One and Only Maldives-6

Striped bikini // Straw boater

One and Only Maldives-7

Mum can never resist pointing a camera in my direction.

My “thinking” face is generally a furious one. “I’m not cross, I’m just thinking!” is something I’ve proclaimed since childhood. And infact, mum took an almost identical snap to this next one when I was about 3.

One and Only Maldives-8

Thankfully I’m old enough to turn the camera her way, now!

One and Only Maldives-9

Sadly for me, she never looks anything but the picture of serenity and elegance.

One and Only Maldives-10

So I took a leaf out of her book and just stretched out in the sunshine instead.

One and Only Maldives-11

One and Only Maldives-12

One and Only Maldives-13

One and Only Maldives-14

One and Only Maldives-15

One and Only Maldives-16

We made friends with a number of other guests.

One and Only Maldives-17

But always got the feeling they were sort of eyeing us up, judging some how.

One and Only Maldives-18

And the fruit bats were just party animals who just slept all day!

One and Only Maldives-19

I’m in the process of testing out cameras, as I’ve fallen out of love with my Sony.

We gave the Olympus PEN a go, with a portrait lens.

The results were pretty spectacularly different to what we’ve become used to with the Sony!

One and Only Maldives-20

So much more detail, you can pretty much see every freckle.

One and Only Maldives-21

But on the downside, you have to be a good few metres away to get the shot.

So the hunt for a replacement continues.

After a lazy morning we packed our trunks and set off again.

Ready for our first jaunt on a sea plane!

See? Plane.

One and Only Maldives-22

One and Only Maldives-23

One and Only Maldives-24

Striped tunic dress // Lace espadrilles // Straw hat

One and Only Maldives-25

We climbed into the tiny cabin, took our seats, feeling like two sprats jumping into a frying pan.

It was unimaginably hot in that little tin can!

But the view made up for it…

One and Only Maldives-26

One and Only Maldives-27

One and Only Maldives-28

We flew past sandbars, sunken islands, resorts and tiny puddles of sand with nothing but lonely palm trees waving in the wind.

And then we saw it, our first glimpse of our new home!

One and Only Maldives-29

^ That’s our hut there! Just in from the big one on the right, front row.

Casa MaryRose!

One and Only Maldives-30

One and Only Maldives-31

One and Only Maldives-32

We splashed down into the turquoise water and glided towards the jetty.


One and Only Maldives-33

One and Only Maldives-34

One and Only Maldives-35

Mimosa shirt // White shorts // Similar hat 


We’d arrived at LUX.

We checked in with the cheeriest man I’ve ever met, and were taken to our new home.

One and Only Maldives-36

One and Only Maldives-37

One and Only Maldives-38

Having had a bit of a snoop around and a swim, we wandered back to the shore to explore.

One and Only Maldives-39

It didn’t take long to get into the swing of things!

One and Only Maldives-40

One and Only Maldives-41

One and Only Maldives-42

One and Only Maldives-43

One and Only Maldives-44

One and Only Maldives-45

White cover up // Sandals // Sunnies

One and Only Maldives-46

We rustled up a nice cold drink, plonked ourselves on two sun beds under a palm tree, wiggled our toes into the sand and sighed with complete and utter joy.

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