Postcards from Lux, Maldives

We spent our last few days in The Maldives at Lux.

Walking on its white sandy beaches.

Lux Maldives-1

Lux Maldives-2

Learning to free dive.

Lux Maldives-3

Which meant learning a new style of breathing and relaxation.

Lux Maldives-4

At the start of the day I could stay under water for a minute and a half, and buy the afternoon I was almost at 3mins!

Something I plan to practice and put into practice as much as possible!

Especially if it means spending longer down deep with the turtles.

Although you don’t have to look quite that far for Lux wildlife…

Lux Maldives-5

Lux has a very different vibe to the other resorts we visited.

It’s much more family orientated. In the evening there are discos, karaoke and themed parties… but the upside is that ice-cream is included!

Lux Maldives-6

So of course, we made the most of this at every opportunity!

Lux Maldives-7

Lux Maldives-8

Lux Maldives-9

Lux Maldives-10

It’s an incredibly beautiful place to stroll and watch as baby sharks swim beneath your feet.

Lux Maldives-11

There are little nooks and crannies dotted around to relax in.

Lux Maldives-12

Though the hammocks looked a little scary, so we plumped for the beach instead.

Lux Maldives-13

Lux Maldives-14

Lux Maldives-16

White bikini // Sunnies

Lux Maldives-17

Lux Maldives-18

The bath in our room proved itself to be the ideal spot to watch the sun sink into the ocean.

Lux Maldives-19

Lux Maldives-20

Lux Maldives-21

The sea endlessly changes colour from deep blue, to green, to turquoise and back again.

It truly is the most magical view and the perfect backdrop to supper.

Lux Maldives-22

We woke before the sun and walked along the shore as we watched it climb up to the heavens, each day.

Lux Maldives-23

Lux Maldives-24

Lux Maldives-25

Lux Maldives-26

Wearing Flynn Skye and Silver May

Lux Maldives-27

A very relaxed Mummabear, in Boden.

Lux Maldives-28

The island is known for their coffee, which they fly in and grind on site.

Lux Maldives-29

We slurped it down before jumping on a catamaran and racing out to try and spot a few dolphins.

Lux Maldives-30

Lux Maldives-31

Silver May bangles

Lux Maldives-32

We lay in the net and laughed as the waves splashed through, soaking us and our breakfast!

Lux Maldives-33

Lux Maldives-34

Lux Maldives-35

Occasionally jumping up to keep lookout for leaping dolphins. (Some seriously wishful thinking going on!)


Lux Maldives-36

Lux Maldives-38

Lux Maldives-39

Lux Maldives-40

Lux Maldives-41

Lux Maldives-42

Having had absolutely no luck with the dolphins, we jumped ship and climbed aboard another boat headed out to find whale sharks.

Well, we signed up and set sail the next day!

This time on a traditional Dhoni.

Lux Maldives-43

Painted in all the colours of the rainbow, it clashed so exceptionally beautifully with the surrounding blues, we never wanted to get off!

Lux Maldives-44

Lux Maldives-45

We chugged out into the depths, tested out our newly improved free diving skills… but didn’t spot any whale sharks.

The scenery more than made up for the disappointment of course.

Wouldn’t you just love to call one of these islands home?

Lux Maldives-46

My brother and I often talk of running away to a desert island with our respective love interests and starting two competing tribes. My family against his, in all sorts of island themed challenges!

Hey, everyone’s gotta have a dream, right?

Lux Maldives-47

We sailed right through the glistening setting sun.

Lux Maldives-48

Making it home to shower off the salt, just as the light turned perfectly gold and turned each drop of water into tumbling diamonds.

Lux Maldives-49

Lux Maldives-50

Lux Maldives-51

If I could have saved a few to take home in my pockets, I would have treasured them forever!

Lux Maldives-52

On our final evening we slipped into robes and padded out to the spa huts, over the swirling shallows.

Lux Maldives-53

Two beds lay before us, perched over a glass bottomed room, with fish and sharks circling below.

Lux Maldives-54

First we were scrubbed.

Lux Maldives-55

Lux Maldives-56

Then massaged and smoothed to within an inch of our lives.

Our masseuses were from Bali and treated us to the best massage of my life.

I felt like I completely melted and just wanted to say “more, more!” when it was over!

But instead we were led to the sumptuous relaxation area and poured cups of hot tea.

Lux Maldives-57

The most magical end to a once in a lifetime adventure with my all time favourite lady.

Lux Maldives-58

We hugged and shed a little tear as we watched our final sunrise before jumping on the plane and setting off, back to London.

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