Home For Christmas Eve

Christmas is finally on our doorstep!

No more countdowns, no more rummaging through shops for gifts, it’s time to take up your place on the sofa, crack open a box of chocolates, pop open a bottle of bubbles and… relax.

I’m not really blogging through the holidays. Half because I don’t know if anyone’s interested in reading when about my Christmas when they’re enjoying their own! And half because I’m going to force myself to “unplug” and chill.

I thought I’d squeeze in one last Style post, as we always dress up a bit for Christmas Eve!

I’ve been blown home bearing gifts!

I’m particularly excited at having snagged one of the racing cars from my Christmas Gift Guide!

I think my nephew, Monty, is going to go wild for it.

While the gingerbread clutch is just a little pressie for me!

I’ve been watching Mad Men every spare chance I get, and I’ve become obsessed with Betty Draper’s wardrobe and 50s silhouette.

I know, I know, I’m a bit behind the times!

An ex boyfriend tried to get me into Mad Men when it first started and I remember being so repulsed that he could admire a philander like Don, that I refused to enjoy it.

I gave it another go as a replacement for “The Fall” (which I had to stop watching out of sheer terror come bedtime).

Now I’m well into the third season of MM, and I’m fully addicted.

Though my turtleneck hides a secret at the back, and is a little more modern.

If there’s one thing Mr Custard can’t resist, it’s speed.

He loves nothing more than racing through the countryside with the wind in his… ears.

So I think he might rather like to keep Monty’s racer.

Enough of that, Custard! Time to go inside.

(I know, I know. I couldn’t get the sticker off.)

While the skirt does perfectly well on its own, I added a sneaky extra layer.

Which I think will only add to the festivities when “The Twist” inevitably comes on later, after a few drinks.

It’s a red wine tutu (and can be worn with or without a skirt over the top!)

Black Turtleneck Leotard (Similar styles) // A-Line Striped Skirt

Petitcoat // Jimmy Choos // Gingerbread Clutch

Look-a-like Pearls

Now, I like to think I’m pretty unsurprisable, but this year Father Christmas seems to have outdone himself.

He delivered our much awaited new rough-tough guard dog a little early!

She might be little (for now) but she’s already got the boys wrapped around her little finger.

Soon she’ll grow to almost twice the size of Hector, so I think he has the right idea being nice to her now!

Our little pup doesn’t have a name yet, so please share any ideas!

She’s a Black Russian Terrier, so a Ruski name would be great… although I’m pushing for Eve.

Custard is understandably furious.

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