Wreath Shopping

I have finally finished my Christmas shopping! I’m done!

I see this as a pretty good wreath-on to celebrate, don’t you?

But before popping the champagne, slipping into a huge jumper and settling into my spot beside the fire, under a heap of dogs, there was just one more task to tackle.

Picking up the Christmas wreath.

With the last of my gifts still weighing me down, I nipped over to Wild At Heart to collect one.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Wild at Heart may just be the prettiest flower shop in London, so I thought I’d blog the occasion!

Unable to resist the array of blossoms, I picked a Christmas bunch for the table too.

Helped along by the green fingered chaps who mind the stall.

(My questions tend to lean towards the “what’s in season and what wont I kill?” spectrum, rather than anything terribly technical or trend based!)

Pay the boys a visit and you can choose a ready made wreath, or have something special created.

A good old chin-wag comes free of charge!

And it gives you time to get your blog on, if you’re that way inclined.

After much deliberation I went for a classic, scented style.

And a festive bunch.

If you live in a flat and don’t want to hang a wreath outside, you can always pop it onto an internal door.

Throw the ribbons (which the boys will attach for you) over the top of the door and use drawing pins to pin them to the very top edge of the door. That way you wont ruin the paintwork and your flat will smell like Father Christmas’ sitting room!

Alternatively lay it flat on the table and place big, church candles in the middle for a cracking centre piece.

Camel Coat // Grey Jeans // Rainproof Riding Boots

Sugar Bag

Penguin Jumper

Even if you leaf it to the last minute, the boys will be around to help you out.

They’re very wreathonable like that.

And they laugh at my terrible dad jokes, so what’s not to love?!

There are a couple across London, find your closest online.

Not long to go before the big day… who’s excited?

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