Nutella Stuffed Croissants

I’m currently eating what I’m writing about.

I’m getting crumbs all over the keyboard and I have literal butter fingers. Let me tell you, it is totally worth it.

Just look at this…

I knocked them up at the very last minute for a working brunch at my house. I had been thinking about the meeting and didn’t realise I hadn’t thought to buy food.

Thankfully I had some croissant dough left over from making Baby Cheesuses and a few other bits in the cupboards. So we had a pile of freshly baked Nutella stuffed croissants with a bulging bowl of raspberries and steaming mugs of Pact coffee (a great little company I told you about a while ago).

The house smelled like a bakery & I retained my domestic goddess halo… which I’m now going to remove for a second while I let you into the secret of how they’re made.

To start the extensive, complicated & sophisticated process…

Pre-heat your oven to 180C/350F and pull here.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the satisfaction of popping open a new can of tennis balls, then you’ll have some inkling of just how delicious it is to open one of these.

Unroll your dough and separate.

Scoop out a teaspoon of Nutella.

Smear it on the base of the triangle (pointy bit away from you).

Sprinkle with nuts.


Until you’re left with a nice, fat little croissant.

Repeat until you run out of dough and then place them into your hot oven for 10-15mins.

When they’re golden brown and whispering to be eaten, they’re ready.

Serve with fresh berries.

They’re particularly good if you alternate a bite of croissant with a mouthful of raspberry.

You get to enjoy the crunchy, doughy, sharp, sweet, rich, tanginess one after the other then and it makes them a little more special.

No-one needs to know you didn’t spend hours preparing brunch and they’re excellent to nibble on later (if your guests are restrained enough to leave any left overs!)

Alternatively you could always roll them up at night, leave them on the side until the morning, cook them while you’re getting ready and take a whole batch to work. Unlimited workplace brownie points that you can reclaim all year long, smartypants.

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