If there’s one thing I love more than a really good burger, it’s a really good burger I don’t have to leave the house for!

When I popped one little picture of this badboy on Instagram last week everyone wanted the recipe, so I thought I’d better share.

First though, how about a closer look at this towering hunk of a feast?

Yep, that’s a double cheeseburger topped with slow-cooked spicy ribs with homemade burger sauce.

Isn’t it a beauty?!

You’re probably going to want to make this on a weekend because the ribs take a few hours. They don’t need much attention, just time.

So, to make 2 Rib Ticklers you’ll need:

About 6 spare ribs (these are really cheap and often sold loose at the meat counter)

Can of Coke

BBQ sauce

Hot sauce

2 burger buns

4 good quality beef patties (ask your butcher for these)

4 slices of mature cheddar

Big, strong lettuce leaves



Pickles & pickle juice

When you wake up, put your ribs on to cook. Lay them flat in a slow cooker set to “high”. Pour over a little more than half a can of coke, 3-4 tablespoons of your favourite BBQ sauce, a few splashes of hot sauce and a sprinkle of salt n pepper. Cover them up and leave them cooking away for at least 4 hours.

By the time you come back to them the meat should be falling off the bone when poked. Take the lid off and leave to cook away for about 15mins. Finally, use a couple of forks (and maybe some rubber gloves) to remove all the meat from the bones and get rid of them. Leave the shredded meat cooking away in the sauce while you cook your burgers.

Sprinkle your patties with salt & pepper. Put them into a nice hot, non-stick pan on medium heat (don’t add any oil). Weigh them down (evenly if you can) with another flat bottomed pan. They only need a couple of minutes on each side. Pop your grill on to warm up.

While you’re waiting for the burgers to cook, make your burger sauce. Add a dollop of mayo, a squeeze of ketchup & a teaspoon of pickle juice to a cup and mix it all up. Put it to one side, slice your buns open and get your salad ready.

The burgers should be done by now. Place a generous slice of cheddar on each and put the pan under the grill (unless you have a plastic handle, in which case transfer them to a baking tray!).

Once it’s melted you’re ready to stack.

Put the lettuce on the bottom (it’ll stop your bun from going soggy), then some sauce, then your patties, followed by a couple pickle slices (if you’re that way inclined), then a good scoop of your ribs. Sandwich together with the rest of your bun & get stuck in!

We ate ours cross legged on the floor, barely talking just rolling our eyes at each other and mumbling about deliciousness.

I highly recommend this approach, I was one seriously happy girl…. and now I want another. Damn it.

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