Blanco y Negro

As I may have mentioned on a few occasions of late (or should I say of latte?)… coffee is my new obsession.

Especially really, really good coffee.

I will admit that I didn’t really know my ass from my elbow when I first got the java bug, but thankfully I had friends who did.

Milly has been completely obsessed with a company called “Pact” for a while now so gave me a voucher so I could try them for one fine English pound.

It’s a little company in London who drop some of the best ground and roasted coffee beans in the world right through your letterbox. So you can pad downstairs in your footsy pyjamas (no? just me?) and brew yourself a mug.

Long story short, I am well on my way to becoming something of a coffee snob and thought I’d share the love.

It’s nice to support little London companies so just like Milly did for me, I’m giving you the secret £1 voucher… but first I’m going to share my favourite coffee based desert with you.

It’s a Spanish number called Blanco y Negro and it was my parent’s favourite after dinner treat when my brother and I were kids.

Right, grab your coffee.

Brew it up.

Boil the water & leave it to cool for 1-2mins. Then pour it over your coffee grounds (double the amount you’d usually use, you want this to really pack a punch) and leave it to mingle in the cafetiere. Don’t be tempted to stir it, apparently you shouldn’t.

After about 5mins, plunge the press to the bottom of the jug.

Pour about half a cup per person.

Pop a scoop of vanilla ice-cream into each cup.

Stick a chunk o’ chocolate in the top & serve it up sharpish!

The ice-cream will melt and swirl into the coffee below.

Stir it up & slurp away!

A cracking coffee pudding in just under 8mins.

You can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Oh I almost forgot your code! Go to Pact & pop LONDONER (easy to remember, right?) into the voucher section. You’ll get a 250g bag of heaven for £1.

I’m pretty sure it’s only in the UK right now, but I’ll find out.

Pass it on!

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