Yacht Week, Croatia : Day Five

Sadly day four got lost in a sea of champagne and suntan lotion. Thankfully there are still 3 more days of Yacht Week bliss to make up for it! Yesterday we met G & O from London, so scooped them up and kept them hostage on our boat. I think we would make excellent Pirates.

We set sail after a little post breakfast swim. Feeling a little crisp under the midday sun, we followed Skipper’s orders and abandoned ship. He threw a rope overboard and sailed away. Giggling and spluttering we grabbed hold of the rope and slipped through the wake.

While this may sound deliciously refreshing, in fact you tend to end up with your bikini around your ankles and a belly full of salt water. Fun, but not for the faint hearted!

At lunch we gorged ourselves on seabass, figs, calamari, cheese, tuna & octopus salad.

Then a little afternoon-wine-infused snooze on deck was just what the doctor ordered.

Having had a swim and a few cold glasses of wine, we decided it was time to get the party started.

Why yes that is a hollowed out pineapple and a bottle of iced vodka. Don’t they just make the most adorable (delicious) couple?

We spent the afternoon lapping up the sun and making friends from all over the world.

After a supper of grilled lobster, grouper and calamari, we danced on table tops and sang until our voices gave out.

They say “Yacht week DJs stop when the last person leaves the dance floor”… we kept them going all night, baby!

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