You already know Custard.

My little noodle. But you might not know Felix.

I grew up in Spain. I studied there for a couple of years as a tween and then came back to boarding school in the UK. I went back every half term and holiday. It was the most incredible place to grow up. My brother & I swam every day, gorged ourselves on fruit from the garden, climbed rocks, jumped from cliffs, caught and ate fish from the sea and kept a menagerie of animals. Parts of Spain still have a very backwards approach to the treatment of animals. They give puppies like trinkets for Christmas and Birthdays, only to fling them in the bin when they get too big (literally. I rescued a puppy and a box of kittens from a skip on two separate occasions.) To a little girl from England this was just unthinkable. I would spend my weekends helping out at the vets and the animal shelters, bandaging, cleaning and loving the little critters that came in. Of course, for my parents this meant a constant stream waifs & strays being brought into the sitting room. At one time we had an impressive collection of 4 dogs, 7 cats, 3 birds, 2 donkeys, 4 chameleons and a mule, called Mule. Most of them have passed away now and my family is back on British soil. Just before we left Spain, we popped back to the shelter to choose someone to take with us. We were introduced to a black lab who could only see from one eye. We took him in and called him Felix. It turns out he’s totally blind and a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but we love him anyway!

He’s the happiest little guy you’ll ever meet. He runs into walls, trees and ponds but always comes up smiling and runs off in the other direction.

Most pounds would have had him put down but CAS looked after him until his new family came looking. They’re a great society and a very worthy charity. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, I highly recommend a trip to your local animal shelter. There are boys and girls there who are just desperate for a cuddle. Rescue dogs are unfailingly loyal, loving and totally soppy! What more could you ask for in a sidekick?


Dress from JW at Kilver Court . .

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