Fixer Upper

If you follow me on Twitter , you’ll know I’ve spent the last few weeks house hunting & agonising over which place to choose. Damian & I have finally narrowed it down to two choices.

A first floor flat with a high ceilinged ball room, leading out onto a balcony with a breakfast table (but two smallish bedrooms and 2 oddly shaped bathrooms)… or… a flat with a beautiful panelled sitting room & 3 huge bedrooms (with peeling paint, ruined carpets, no heating & rubbish electrics).

Of course, I went for the unloved fixer upper! -You should know that when I was little I always wanted the puppy with the broken leg & I had a whole tank of goldfish with missing eyes, as I was afraid no-one else would love them. Clearly this is an ongoing complex which affects my house choosing abilities!

The pictures don’t show the current disheveled state of the house as the (naughty) estate agent had them photoshopped. But… never the less, here it is. Our new baby:

Sitting room with its pretty ceilings ceilings & skylights. It’s actually unfurnished & the paint is all peeled & flakey in real life but the fire place works & I love the vast mirror on the back wall.

The dining room. It’s open plan & leads into the sitting room. It’s flooded with light from above, which should improve my food photography no end! As you know I’m a big fan of themed dinner parties, so you’ll have to help me out with ideas for the next ones.

The corridor. That’s the front door, all the way at the end on the left. The door on the right leads into a little courtyard.

The kitchen! Red, black & chrome… a bit 80s for my taste but I’m sure I’ll grow to love it. I just bought a red lunch box, so at least it will match.

Master bedroom. It looks out onto the little courtyard & has an en-suite bathroom. Can’t decide if it should be guest room or mine though…

Bedroom two. This is probably the least loved room in the house. I think it was a kids room & there are drawings all over the walls & crayons squished into the carpets.

Bedroom three. This is going to be a big ol’ walk in wardrobe. We really don’t have any need for 3 bedrooms & have so many clothes. Don’t get too excited, I don’t have the funds to turn it into a Carrie Bradshaw affair, it will just have stand alone rails & some big mirrors.

The bathrooms. Pretty self explanatory. (Do you think pink marble was ever in style?!) There’s quite a lot to do, but I love a project so it’s my idea of heaven. I’m living in Dean Street Townhouse until the new place is a bit more liveable.

They have outrageously comfy beds & bring me eggs in the morning.

The bathrooms are also stocked with the Cowshed spa goodies I loved at Babington house . You would think I’d never want to leave, but I spend my nights gazing at paint charts & searching for inspiration on Pinterest … I’m itching to get into the apartment & start making it homely!

The painters have been working all weekend, so I should be able to get in & play this week.

Until then I’d love to know what you think! Especially when it comes to colours for the sitting room & ideas for the walk in wardrobe.

Any ideas?

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