combines three of my favourite things… Post, surprises & food. It’s a new service from Love Your Larder, which specialises in bringing you gorgeous, one-off, edible goodies. You sign up online & once a month, you’ll get a crisp brown parcel delivered to your eager little fingers.

You prise it open & rummage through the crinkly filling to find the pots & jars hidden beneath. During this stage I like to visualise myself as a curious ferret, but I suppose any hungry woodland creature would do. Although perhaps not a bear… Too grabby.

This is the first ever LarderBox, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Dark chocolate powder sounds a little refined for my tastes (I like sweeter milk chocolate) but I have a feeling it would be delicious in a chilli.

I’d never considered buying honey from Sheffield so I’m quite looking forward to trying this! I’ll have it on toast with lots of butter in the morning. I suppose I should also try and dig up some Yorkshire tea to stick to the Northern theme.

I pulled this open and had a quick nibble, really delicious. I’d never have picked it up in the supermarket, so another win for the box of surprises!

Blackberry vinegar sounds incredible. They suggest adding a little to a stew for a real autumnal flavour. I imagine it would make a lovely summer salad dressing too.

This is the only item I’m actually already familiar with. Harrods has stocked Joe & Sephs popcorn for a while now & I am a total addict. They do every flavour you can imagine, my favourites are the goats cheese, the caramel & chili and this sea salt & caramel one. Embarrassingly enough, last time I bought some I had armfuls of packets & was clinching another in my teeth. The owner of the company’s son was in the food hall & he came over to ask if I liked it. No idea what gave me away.

This little packet of seeds comes with instructions informing you that you’re supposed to plant in a window box so you can grow a little of your own produce. A nice idea & it has a hashtag for you to Tweet… not entirely sure why, but I’ll give it a go later!

The box comes with a nice little letter, explaining this months box, stories about the brands they’ve chosen & ideas for recipes you could make with them.

All in all, a lovely idea, well executed. You can sign up here & if you sign up for the year, each box works out at about £16. I think it’s a fair price for full sized, British products which you probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise, plus you have the excitement of opening up a pressie every month. I like having mine delivered to the office so we can all poke around & try things together. If you’re familiar with GlossyBox & some of the other British subscription sampling services, you’ll know that you get a discount or ‘points’ when you buy more of the product through the site. I don’t think Larder Box does this yet, but I think it’s something they should consider. Being able to give the subscription as a gift is a lovely idea. If you’re one of my foodie friends, you know what you’re getting for your next birthday!

Update: Thanks to all of your lovely requests, LarderBox are now offering European subscriptions for £29.99 per month. Good work, team! .

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