Dinner in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily

After a long and wonderful day at sea, we were ready to refuel!

A quick swim, shower and cup of tea and we were raring to go.

A couple of BFF snaps along the way for posterity.

We’ll bore the kids with them when we’re old and grey, no doubt.

Quick as a flash we changed for supper and were ready to head out, back into Castellammare.

Striped maxi dress

Bamboo bag – finally back in stock! (also just pre-ordered this one!)

White mini dress // Basket bag 

Cool earrings

Where we immediately befriended a gorgeous local chap.

Real men wear pink, after all.

He joined us as we explored the old town, watching as the light turned ever more golden by the second.

Sunset is the hour to see and be seen in Italian coastal towns.

Pull on that dress you’ve been saving, crack out the perfume, a few diamonds, maybe a sportscar?

Together we all strolled arm in arm along the promenade.

Watching the town come to life as shirtless fishermen with rippling muscles (not that I noticed, honey) finished up for the day.


All was well in this sleepy Sicilian town.

We stopped off at Vogue for cocktails.

And chose a restaurant on the front for supper.

Overlooking the bay.

Starting, naturally, with Sicilian prawns.

Raw, salty, with a slight metallic taste. Truly exceptional and a must try.

Tuna tartar.

Octopus salad.

All to share.

As we watched the world go by.

Followed by a pasta course, of course!

Busiata with shrimp, tomato and pistachio.

Another Sicilian classic.


And the king of pasta dishes, Vongole.

Best eaten while watching the sun set above the Sicilian hills, glass of local white in hand.


For pudding we meandered back to Vogue, where a gorgeous bearded Italian served us life changing gelato.

Which we ate on the harbour side, watching the lights and stars twinkle into life.

The perfect Italian evening!

How aboat that?

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  • Lisa

    Rosie! I loved this post and all the gorgeous photos of you two!
    Love, Lisa

  • Prashant

    Nothing is better than your post i always wait for your blog even i bookmarked you and about this post these are very awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.


  • As nice as the tuna and the prawns look, it definitely know I’d be won over by the gelato!

    Rosie, can I ask how do you take your pictures? Do you have someone to help, or is this some impressive self-timer action? Thanks!


    • Lisa

      I was wondering the same thing! I would love to know 😉

  • That little doggo was soooo adorable.

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Great photos!


  • man, now I’m craving sea food! Looks like an amazing holiday

  • I bet the pasta was all delicious – I need to go back to Italy just for the food! Looks like the perfect evening – pasta, gelato and watching the world go by sounds like heaven x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • You guuuuys. Those warm night time snaps are beautiful, makes me just craaaave a summer holiday! I can’t tell ya how depressing it is to be slurping my pea and mint soup whilst scrolling through at amazing sea food 😮 Immy x


  • Rach

    Yum! Fresh seafood! This trip looks so much fun!


  • Ana Estrella Jaén

    I love that blue dress on you!

  • Okay, this looks like thee ulitmate holiday!! I adore both outfit looks! I have to ask, I see this Cult Gia bag everywhere! It is the coolest looking bag, but how big is the space to actually carry things? Is it just a tiny pouch inside?

    Also, can I have that gelato man? He looks as tasty as the ice cream or gelato! Hehe. ♥♥

  • The food looks so good!


  • Simone Rosini

    This place seems amazing 🙂
    Miki x


  • Sepideh

    Such beautiful pictures! What’s your go-to gelato flavour? I always go for the hazelnut and then will pick a second random flavour to try !


  • JET

    Seafood is <3 <3 <3
    Love all the photos, wish mine looked as good as that!


  • Marisa Market

    I always love your travel posts Rosie! Looks like so much fun.

  • JoannaM

    Oh I love this! My grandmother was born in and immigrated from Castellamare def Golfo to the US. We visited last summer, it’s such a cute little town! Hope you enjoyed your trip!