My Haircare Secrets

Why’s her hair so big?

It’s full of secrets.

Well… not for long! I’ve had a good long think about everything I do with my hair to keep it looking Disney Princess-esque and I’m ready to spill the beans.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to 10 commandments to keep things simple.

No. 1 – Shampoo Less

I used to think you had to shampoo your hair at least once a day to keep it looking and feeling great. But actually this can strip the moisture and natural oils out of your hair, leaving it frizzy, brittle and tangle prone.

Everyone’s hair is different so everyone needs to work out what the right number of washes is for them. Start by cutting down to one wash every other day, then maybe see if you can get away with twice a week.

When you do shampoo, try and choose one that says “sulphate free” on the bottle. It won’t foam up as much as other shampoos, but it’ll do the job just as well and leave your hair healthier – particularly if it’s curly.

Don’t go mad scrubbing away, work it around your scalp massaging as you go, work into the roots and the mid-lengths of your hair, the rest will look after itself when you rinse.

No. 2 – Condition More

Conditioner is unbelievably important, don’t skip it!

After cleansing squeeze the excess water from your hair, then condition. If you do it when your hair’s sopping wet you’ll just wash away all the good stuff.

The application is totally the opposite from your shampoo technique, start at the ends. Smooth it through the length of your hair and only apply lightly to the roots. This’ll stop the roots from getting weighed down and greasy.

Don’t rush to wash it out, when your hair’s full of conditioner run your fingers through it – mermaid style – and gently tease out any tangles.

Finally rinse with warm water, then blast with the coldest you can handle! Supposedly this’ll seal the follicles – but in practice just means lovely shiny hair. It’ll wake you up too!

No. 3 – Dry Gently

Resist the urge to turn your head over and ruffle your towel through your hair.

This’ll create frizz and knots.

You should also avoid a tight towel turban.

Ideally give your hair a good squeeze with a nice clean fluffy towel (ideally microfibre), gently scrunch it dry, then air dry or blow dry as usual. If you can’t resist a turban, get something like this.

My blow dry tutorial is here.

No. 4 – Brush Like Rapunzel

Separate your hair into sections, hold it half way down and brush from your hand downwards.

Once you’ve gotten those knots out, move onto the top and brush through to the ends.

Do this section by section until silky smooth.

You’ll minimise breakages, have fewer split ends and not quite so many tears!

How I wish I’d known this as a kid.

No. 5 – Invest in a good cut

I just Googled “A nice way to say ‘you can’t polish a turd'” and apparently there isn’t one, so let’s stick with that!

No matter what expensive products you buy, how many hours you spend styling in the morning or what colour you dye it, there is just no substitute for a great cut.

You might think you’d saving money by going to the cheapest stylist at the cheapest salon, but if you’re wasting time and more money trying to make it work… it’s a false economy.

I’m not saying you need a celebrity stylist or the very best of the best, but shop around, read reviews, and if money’s tight go into some of the nicer salons and ask if they need any hair models. – Don’t worry, you won’t be strutting the catwalk, you’ll be more of a guinea pig, but in a great salon that’s perfect!

I go to Michael Van Clarke. If you have the budget to splurge, go for Michael, if not some of the more junior staff start at about £50 for a cut and blow-dry, and everyone he trains seems to have the Midas touch.

No. 6 – Wear a mask

Well, that’s one way to solve a bad hair day!

But seriously, treat your hair to a mask once in a while. There are loads out there to choose from.

Personally I’m partial to a good dollop of coconut oil, brushed through and left over night, once every couple of weeks.

No. 7 – Use Protection

If you’re going to style your hair with any sort of heat, slather some heat protection spray through the ends first.

Try and use something with UV protection on holiday, too.

No. 8 – Eat

For healthy skin, hair, nails and everything else, you need fat. *Gasp*

Feast on avocados, nuts, fish, olive oil, coconut oil, you name it! Ignore the calorie counters, your body was designed for fats, it can handle them, I promise that after a month of treating yourself to daily avocados you will feel and look better.

No. 9 – Sleep with a pineapple

That sounds more painful than it is.

What I mean is a pineapple bun. Turn your head upside down, gather a ponytail on the crown of your head, twist your hair in one direction until it starts to coil on itself.

Twist it around itself and tie (not too tight) with a big, soft hair tie or scrunchie.

I’m partial to this sort because they don’t leave a kink.

Doing this will stop it tangling in the night and getting in your face.

As long as it’s right on top of your head (like pineapple leaves) it shouldn’t get in the way and it’ll hold a nice curl when you let it down the next day.

No. 10 – Don’t take it too seriously

It’s only hair!

The weather will probably ruin it anyway.

Blue dress // Bow heels

Phew, that’s it folks.

All the haircare secrets I can think of for now! If you have any more do please share them below, I couldn’t possibly resist a chance to brush up…

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  • Alicia

    Your pineapple idea changed my life when I first read it! Used to have horrible crispy hair but now it falls nicely in soft curls throughout the day! Bless you!!!

  • Rach

    Thanks for the tips! Def going to follow them because your hair is gorgeous!

  • Bailey Schneider

    Coconut oil works a charm – I slather it on and sleep with a towel on my pillow for any oily residue! 2 washes in the morning and my hair is silky and shiny!
    I also love taking Biotin vitamins – I’ve seen a huge difference in my hair and nails!

    • Lauren

      ooooh where do you get your Biotin from? I’ve heard this tip before but struggled to find them! x

  • Wonderful post and very nice tips. Merci for sharing. 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Hi Rosie, you have the most enviable hair so I was interested to read about your routine. I think you may have convinced me to spend a little bit more on a good haircut. I tend to go for the cheapest hairdressers around but with a great variation of success along the years. Maybe time has come to get a good cut that will mean: less time trying to style my hair in the morning after that and an overall ‘ happy me’ for much longer too! Have a good weekend! Julie x

  • Thank you for taking the time to share these awesome hair tips! Those locks look amazing!

    Love from Singapore,

  • Lucia

    My hairdresser recommended taking pregnancy multivitamins for us girls who have already little humans running around. Apparently pregnancy messes up your hormones so much that your hair will never be the same again. The pregnancy vitamins help to restore at least some of it and breath back a bit of life to your hair!

    • You should also take some omega 3&6, research showed that women who is had babies tend to suffer from more hair loss and oiliness and taking these supplements helps to restore functional activity of hair follicle:)

  • You always have the most amazing hair! So nice to hear your tips x


  • Love this and really appreciate about towel drying – actually a lot breakage happens when we wash our hair because we rub hair fibers into each other which causes cuticle breakage, the same comes to towel, instead gently distribute conditioner and press to get the water out! Your hair absolutely beautiful! xx

  • LauraCrosby

    Shampoo and conditioner choices???

  • Joules

    I definitely need to try washing my hair less than every day–it’s just such a hard habit to break!

    Style by Joules

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Great tips, I’m new to the no sulphate shampoo trick, working amazingly well so far, my hair is so soft!!


  • Mayra Nunez

    Rosie: can you specify how you ask your hair stylist to cut your hair?! I’m not in London, so going to your guy is not an option! I need to know how far and how much they cut the layers, and whether they thin them out at the end, how short to cut the bangs, etc. Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Love your tips– you always have the most gorgeous hair! I need to try using coconut oil more often! xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

  • You have enviable hair so this tips are really appreciated!!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Šárka M.

    Thank you so much for this post 🙂 I like to take care of my hair so I always welcome experiences from others 🙂 After all the care the best reward to me is a hairdresser telling me how nice hair I have 🙂 But I don’t take that for granted 🙂 I would like to solve two more problems with my hair – it tends to get oily quite quickly (I wash my hair every other to every 2 days), so it’s usually kind of flat at the top, and I have oily dandruff in my hair. It’s not that bad (it’s not usually visible at the first sight), but it still annoys me. If any of you have a recommendation on how to solve this problem, feel free to write a reply to my comment 🙂 Thanks again, Rosie 🙂

  • DJB

    Rosie, what do you put in your hair while on vacation to have it air dry into those perfect waves? I also have wavy hair that I blow dry but can’t find a product that will tame frizz while not making hair crunchy when I let it air dry. Thanks! xo

  • I swear by conditioner! I love the way it makes my hair feel. Thanks for sharing these tips. I always love how gorgeous your hair looks!

  • Hilda

    Thanks for sharing. I was waiting for this post. You really have the most gorgeous hair

  • We’ve been waiting for this post for so long!! I find using a good quality hair oil at the ends really helps too. Defo going to try the “Pineapple”!!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Thanks for the tips, Rosie! My hair has been absolutely lacklustre since I moved to Copenhagen last year so I’m keen to try some of these things, especially the hair masks. I have to ask, when you were visiting last summer did you ever have any problems with keeping your nice in the Danish weather? I always brush my hair after long bike rides because of the wind, but I think the crazy amount of calcium in the water is killing my volume! (Or at least, I’d like to blame it on something!)

  • Suzie Appleton

    I always wash mine twice with shampoo before conditioning! One wash takes all the grit out your hair, for want of a better phrase, and the second wash actually washes your hair and roots. So my hairdresser tells me!

    Love your hair Rose xxxx

  • I’m going to take your advice regarding a hairdresser. While more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, I think in my case it will make a difference. I love how your hair is layered so the curl falls in a graduated manner. Obviously the work of great cut!

  • HAHA! The weather WILL probably ruin it! Do you have any problems with frizz, especially with the weather in London? And since you travel so much, how do you adapt your haircare on the go?

  • Roxanne

    Your posts ate so amazing! This one was super helpful 🙂

  • Love your hair and your dress !

  • Irina

    Could you please name the oils you prefer to use for your hair? And the brands of oil, if you do not mind 🙂

  • Changing your shampoo/conditioner can change your life too! I started using more expensive ones a couple of months ago until now and my hair is softer, sales better and gets dirty(greasy) way less often!

  • This is such a great post! I had no idea it was called a pineapple bun! I’ve been doing that for years.
    I also think the coconut tip is a great idea. Problem is.. I have super thin hair, so no matter how good I treat it.. it feels like a loosing battle.

  • I could never sleep with my hair up. I seem to be incapable of falling asleep unless my ears are covered. Weird but nothing I can do about it 🙂

  • One of my biggest problems with putting my hair up is getting the most mountainous range of kinks, but I’m going to give those hair ties a try and see what happens.

  • YES Rosie, amazing tips. I have been doing a fair few of these completely wrong… i.e the turban! Will absolutely try to stick to these 10 commandments. I can vouch for Michael Clarke also, amazing salon! Immy x

  • Leanne

    Ha! You always have me laughing. I also sleep with the “pineapple bun” and have done for years. The coconut oil tip is another great one. My mom had us doing this from an early age and we’ve got lovely, healthy long locks thanks to that!

    Arum Lilea

  • Great tips, cannot wait to give these a go! 🙂

  • Sarah

    I completely scoffed at your “Pineapple” idea. Perfect curls from a top bun? Yeah, right! ….And then I tried it this morning for a mere 2 hours. Oh.My.perfect hair!!!!!
    Now, can you help me solve the problem of making these amazing curls last longer? My fine hair falls limp after about 30 minutes.
    Thanks Rosie!

  • Claire Benjamin

    I just love the way your pretty blue dress shows off your beautiful engagement ring to perfection!

  • Sadie Masterson

    What if you have short frizzy hair, should you do a pineapple piggy tail?

  • Samantha Marchetta

    Love it Rosie! XO

  • I love pineapple hair, it adds back in that natural wave so much! Also, hugely appreciate the use of gifs, perfect!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Gkidd

    I am interested in seeing what specific products you use for your hair! This post was so helpful xoxo

  • Kendall

    Loved this post! Definitely need to start conditioning my hair more! However, I would LOVE to know how you curl your hair! Hope to hear how!:)

  • Allie Kay

    Thanks for the tips, your hair is so pretty!

    Allie |