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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the skincare options on offer now.

Every time I open Instagram I’m told I need to try slugging, peeling, needling, sculpting, glazing, all in the pursuit of eternal youth and unattainable perfection.

It’s rare to find beauty lovers who talk about protecting the skin rather than peeling it away, those who talk of skin health rather than anti-ageing.

I used to spend a shameful amount of money on fancy skincare and I bought into every marketing ploy out there! Now I’ve learned to tune out the noise, the ageism and have a skincare routine that’s simple and my skin has never been happier.

Previously when getting ready for a big event with lots of photographer’s I’d have gone to a facialist and spent lots of money being plucked, plumped and buffed, and while that can be lovely, I now know it’s not necessary.

I was introduced to Beauty Pie by a friend of mine who used to work for one of the bigger luxury beauty brands. She explained how much of a mark-up we’re spending on some of the bigger brand names, and that you can get the same level of quality products online, without all the fluff and extra costs.

It’s essentially a membership that gives you access to luxury beauty & wellness products at lab-direct pricing. They remove the middlemen – retailer markups, expensive shop fits and pricey packaging.

I kick off with some zingy shower gel.

Sweet Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Black Pepper and aloe vera turn the shower into an aromatic steam room that makes me feel like I’m in a spa.

Hot oil cleansing balm, with Aloe Juice, Niacin-rich Rice Bran Oil and cold-pressed Baobab Sariché Oil.

You scoop a little out and massage into dry or wet skin until it turns into a milky cleanser.

Then take an extra soft washcloth and gently wipe it all away.

You’ll be left with cleansed skin that doesn’t dry out like it would with soap.

The less drying out you do, the less moisturising you’ll have to do!

While my skin’s still damp I apply a dollop of serum, fully-loaded with grape and citrus antioxidants, NMF mimickers and powerful skin soothers. A deeply hydrating quadruple-action Pombe Yeast derivative delivers moisture and protects sensitive skin.

An all over body moisturiser.

Not something I’m good at doing very often, a bit of a red carpet luxury for me!

Followed by my favourite luxury of all.

A facial massage, with some breathable, lightweight Super Healthy Skin Oil.

Formulated in Switzerland, it’s filled with nourishing algae extracts, is rich in linoleic and essential fatty acids, omega 3s, evening primrose and borage oils, and is a natural source of vitamins A and E. Just add a couple of drops on top of your serums or cream and it’ll give you the perfect slip to massage your woes away.

By stimulating pressure points in your face, neck and shoulders, you activate your lymphatic system to clear out old toxins, puffiness and stagnation that can lead to unhappy skin.

It helps promote blood circulation, fights acne, relieves tight muscles, promotes collagen growth, and is completely free!

You can just give it a go and see what feels good, or do a little youtube lurking to find out what the experts recommend.

As it was a special occasion and I had a little extra time, I went in with a rose quartz gua sha tool to boost blood flow, collagen production and treat myself to a little TLC.

Another red carpet secret, the bright lights and camera flashes can turn you into something of a ghost, so you may want to bronze a little before stepping into your Jimmy Choos.

Bronzing body balm.

A quick blow dry.

A little makeup.

Ok, quite a lot of makeup!

A few sparkles.

And we were off to the races!

We saw lots of incredible people, artists, actors and outfits on the red carpet but I was most excited to see the blossom.

This is my favourite time of year in London and the blossom brings back so many happy memories of having made it through the depths of winter!

Buccellati jewellery (on loan for the night)

Blue and white dress // Sparkly shoes (my wedding shoes!)

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We took our seats in the Royal Albert Hall and waited for the ceremony to begin.

When the wonderful Greg Williams bounded up to take my picture, I felt happy and confident. Not perfect or like a pore-less porcelain doll, but a real person with flaws and squidgy bits and skin that’s well loved and taken care of.

You don’t necessarily need to buy anything new or go out and stock up on everything I use, but hopefully this has given you a better idea of how I like to take care of myself and with any luck has gotten across that less is more, unless we’re talking about cake.

All of the products I mentioned are made in the world’s best beauty labs, the same that are used by the super-prestige name brands, without the markup. They make makeup too!

If you would like to try Beauty Pie, I have a little discount code you’re welcome to use –ROSIELONDONERSENTME gives new members £10 or $10 off their membership when signing up. 

I was tempted to end with a joke, but I can tell when my puns make you cry by how moisturiser. 

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