Snow Day in Gstaad, Switzerland

Switzerland is really quite wonderfully close to London.

It may feel like a different world when you get there; filled with snow, mountain air, chocolate and money, but really it’s a very short hop away from Heathrow.

When friends invited my fella and I out for a weekend on the slopes we couldn’t say no.

Jumped on the first flight out at the crack of dawn and landed in Geneva before we knew it. Our hosts picked us up, squeezed us into a Land Rover stuffed with skis, and off we raced, in search of fresh powder.


The drive up into Gstaad is nothing short of breathtaking.


(Especially when you’re driving with a girl who insists on rolling down the window every few minutes to take a picture, letting the icy wind in to whistle through the car and bite at your cheeks!)


We climbed through the trees and mists, following the winding road and yodelling as we went.

Checking in to our jaw dropping new home; The Grand Park Hotel. We set up camp in a beautiful two bedroom suite, designed over two floors (basically your own private chalet inside the hotel) with a balcony and view to die for.


Keen to get the party Gstaaded, we raced out into the crisp sunshine to explore.



Trotting down into the town in search of hot wine and even hotter cheese.


We found a sunny spot at Stafel, just around the corner from Credit Suisse and opposite the bakery.

The chaps ordered steak tartar while I went the whole hog and ordered raclette and fondue. The waiter protested and said it was far too much cheese for a little girl.

Naturally I delighted in proving him wrong.


The raclette bubbled away happily, and I scraped layer after layer away, devouring it with cornichons and tiny sweet pickled onions.


With a side of fondue.


After lunch our hosts had to get back to work, American markets wait for no man! So Mr Londoner & I took a stroll around the chocolate box town.


Making a few friends along the way.




I challenge you to find a prettier Louis Vuitton than this!

We meandered through the glistening cobbled streets, marveling at how warm it was.


More like a spring day at the end of the ski season, than the depths of February.

Not that we were complaining, of course.




There’s something so impossibly pretty about alpine towns, they just don’t even seem real.



And Gstaad is probably the most unreal of all, with its collection of luxury shops in pretty Christmas cake houses.



Overlooked by sleeping giants, covered in mist.




Black sunnies // Silver May Sparkler Necklace (coming soon)

Oversized cardigan

Black poloneck // Black leggings (similar)

Shearling snow boots


Having taken our fill of fashion and guzzled down a good number of hot chocolates each, we popped back to the hotel.

Taking in the sculpture gardens that make up the grounds.



Before sinking into the subterranean spa, to be pummeled, massaged, smoothed and tenderized within an inch of our lives.

By the time we emerged the sun had disappeared below the mountains and our friends were waiting for us in the bar.

We dressed and trotted off for cocktails and supper, in The Restaurant.

Here we took our seats, strapped in and set off on a culinary roller coaster, in the form of A Swiss Evening’s tasting menu.  Gstaad-35


Carpaccio of Arctic Char, which is a little like salmon but somewhat more delicate.

Followed by carpaccio of beef, topped with egg yolk and truffles.


All paired with exquisite Swiss wines.



Buttery risotto topped with wildflowers.


Swiss cheeses.

Before you even think it, no there’s no such thing as too much Swiss cheese in one day!


Fresh, tart apple sorbet.


All topped off with a sort of grown up Eton mess.

And dancing!


Full of wine and laughter, we rose from the end of the meal and danced to the music of The Alps.

Eventually climbing the stairs to bed, very, very excited for a weekend on the slopes come morning.

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  • Aurè
  • Reading this was the perfect Gstaad to my day! Thanks Rose! I bloody love Switzerland!
    Sophie xx

    • Rosie

      I think I love you, Soph! Great pun. x

  • Just wow! You’ve managed to cram many of my fave things all into one post….nature, melted cheese, bags, horses and folk music. I love your beach posts too but there’s just something that makes me breathe a little deeper when I see forests and mountains. I need to get myself there soon!

    • Rosie

      It’s funny, I feel the same way S! I hadn’t been skiing in years and had no idea how much I missed it!

  • katie

    Aaaaw, I live in Switzerland but I’m at unit at Warwick at the moment and reading this just really makes me miss it. I’ve only been skiing three times this year which is quite the tragedy! I’m glad you loved it though, I think, especially now I’m away so often, it really is a special country, isn’t it?

    • Rosie

      Skiing three times sounds pretty good to me, Katie! 😉 x

  • Shona Laing

    Always such lovely, magical prose, Rosie. I do enjoy your blog, the photos are brilliant too.

    • Rosie

      Thanks S, lovely to hear!

  • Peppermint Dolly

    It looks a dream! Powdery snow is so fun!!


  • Gabriella Granata

    Rosie this looks and sounds like my idea of heaven! The cheese, the views, the little cutesy town, I’m now desperate to book a trip! Can’t wait to read about the slopes. Thanks for sharing!

  • nakura

    I love your life – travelling and lots of cheese! ;-D

  • Becci Hall

    The cheese…oh the cheese!! Added to my bucket list!

  • Gorgeous pictures… And your Jimmy Choo boots are making me want to go skiing purely so I can wear those! 🙂
    Ekaete x

  • Aand Gstaad just made it to the top of my list! You keep giving me ideas on where to travel next, my wallet and schedule can’t keep up! haha 🙂 Looks divine, what a beautiful town!

  • ninegrandstudent

    I adore Switzerland, I spent some of last weekend in Zurich and am already itching to get back – I need to explore more of the area around Geneva! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  • Oooo I just went skiing in Switzerland and loved it – what a beaut day you had though! Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • I would love a weekend getaway to the Swiss mountains! The town looks so beautiful 🙂

    I wondered if you have any recommendations for a casual cocktail spot in London for a 21st birthday?

    Olivia Xx

  • My boyfriend lived in Switzerland for a few years and I’m always so jealous of his snowy pictures!! All of that melty cheese looks so drool-worthy!

  • Karina

    Such beautiful photos. Not much can come close to a cloudless day in the mountains in my books. May have to pop those legging on express delivery in time for our own trip next week – they look so comfy!

  • sara
  • What an amazing trip!


  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    Never wanted fondue MORE in my life now….;P

  • Henriette rossebo

    I read your blog every time there is a new post, as i have for time – and I am still not fed up with all your cheesy posts;-) This looked superb, and my mouth is drizziling for an experience like yours in Gstaad.. maybe one day.

  • Looks amazing! Need to make a trip

  • Madison

    Rosie, I love how you have created a little community of cheese lovers over here! Eating cheese in the Swiss mountains sounds like an absolute dream <3

  • Your posts always brighten my day! I have never been skiing before, maybe ill have to give it a go!

    LEACH |

  • Kari Guastella

    Switzerland is so gorgeous! And no, there is never such thing as too much cheese!

  • Seems like you hopped over to Gstaad at the most perfect time: sunshine and lots of snow. Such a lucky girl! Looking at your pics make me miss the sight of the mountains and that most perfect crisp air….xx Julie

  • Coco Cami

    Beautiful post, thank you for sharing!

    Camille xo

  • Oooo I do love someone snowy! Your travels always look amazing- I would love it if you could do a guide to eating in NYC? I wanna know the best unique places to eat when I go out there for my wedding 🙂 x

  • I’m an expat living in Switzerland, but I haven’t visited Gstaad yet. Now it is an absolute must! Have you been to Andermatt? There’s a great new resort that just opened there, The Chedi, that you might like. Here are some photos from my recent trip there:

  • Josefin Molander

    Beautiful post with amazing photos! Switzerland is really an amazing country!

  • Beautiful photos! What a stunning town!

  • Ahhh, Gstaad, I miss it so much, and your photos are taking me back! How long has it been since I last feasted on raclette though? Too long x

    Martha Jane |

  • The slow pace

    Fresh air, cheese, spa and more cheese… That’s a perfect day in my books!

  • Holly & Boydie G.

    The raclette gif made my heart melt. I love cheese.

  • Switzerland looks so beautiful – even though I’m not a skier, the landscape looks breathtaking (as does the food!)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Bec

    Love that you had a post about Gstaad the day after a New Girl episode with a hilarious joke about Gstaad in it! Also cheese. Enough said.

  • Although cold, this looks heavenly! and fondue (!!)

    Ceann / From Brighton and beyond

  • Dat cheese doe <3
    We went skiing over Christmas and this is making me miss the slopes already! xo

  • Oh, so much beauty! I’m dying for a trip to Switzerland now…. <3

  • This little town looks so charming! And the fondue? YUMMM.

  • Amazing natures! Nice photo! So tasty posts and so beautiful) and your moonboots very very cool

  • Elanor

    I wish I could eat that much cheese in one day… Damn my lactose intolerance! x

  • Looks like a DREAM! Dying to get up to the Swiss alps for some skiing.

    xColby|Fossypants: The Blog of All Things Fun